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005b. Camper Gary

Jjs Goodman

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I think the writers have FORGOTTEN how to write for Mrs. Puff, in terms of her ORIGINAL characterization! In the beginning of "Spongebob Squarepants", she WASN'T mentally unstable; she was a frustrated, but well-meaning, pretty well-adjusted adult, just trying to keep her Boating School together. But here, she's written as a mentally disturbed, former prison convict, who wants to SALT Gary, merely for unintentionally eating HER tomatoes! Talk about "Disproportionate Retribution!" Even though the best Spongebob and his friends can HOPE to do (realistically with THEIR limited resources), is to make a paper-thin disguise to turn Gary into a camper! But it somehow fools EVERYBODY, EVEN Mrs. Puff! (Who's STILL known as Ms. Puff, which means she hasn't BEEN married than subsequently widowed yet). Gary manages to impress Mrs. Puff; but when he's given the trophy for the best camper at a picnic, he forgets himself, and his wig falls out, revealing his disguise! Mrs. Puff gives chase, only for Gary to give her the slip. But Mrs. Puff runs TOO far, and she ends up hanging in mid-air, and having to grab onto a cliff, to prevent herself from falling! Despite being chased, Gary STILL decides to SAVE Ms. Puff (otherwise, there would BE no Boating episodes), and Ms. Puff decides to forgive Gary for unintentionally eating her vegetables, and makes Gary her new friend! Gary was well-written in this episode! Mrs. (Ms.) Puff...needs some work. I'd give this episode a 7.7. out of 10. Enough said, true believers!

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