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002b. Tag You're It

Jjs Goodman

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AWESOME!!!! They brought back Craig Mammalton! And they put him in the Jock cabin with Larry, to boot! That bodes well for MY Spin-off idea! Also, here is a perfect example, on how to do a SIMPLE episode idea, without making it TOO over-complicated! Give the kids something they want to do, but make the weather bad, so they have to play indoors! Naturally, Squidward is having NONE of that, so he boots Spongebob and his friends out of the cabin, forcing them to play tag in another cabin! Unfortunately, kids will be kids, and their rambunctious energy inevitably rubs off the wrong way on all the different cabin campers; even Bubble Bass when Patrick doesn't know how to play a board game of Tag, until they eventually wind up in Mr. Krab's cabin! There, they accidentally tag Pearl, but as a baby, SHE turns out to be a pro! Inevitably, they wake up Mr. Krabs, and Mr. Krabs FORCES Squidward to let Spongebob play with him! Surprisingly, it turns out all Squidward WANTED, was to be included in the game! Too bad for him the storm IMMEDIATELY clears up after that, allowing Spongebob and his friends to play outside! But at least, Squidward is able to do SOMETHING about it, and he TAGS Mr. Krabs, proving that Squidward is NOT so above it all! A very decent episode segment, I'll give it a 9.4 out of 10. Enough said, true believers!

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