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Ghost Rider

Octerror Fest 2020

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We've got our own counter against these terrifying times. Yep, you know what's back.


From October 16th to October 31st, enjoy the haunted ride that will be Octerror Fest 2020! Once again, this will have an Octerror Cup where every event held counts for team points, acting as our 3rd Major League Event this year. The Krusty Krew (Kreepy Krabs), Chum Buddies (Bucketheads) and Solos (Ghosts) will compete against each other this time. If you would like to be on a team, please sign-up here. Now then, here's a run-down of the main treats during the event...

  • Stop What You Are Doing - Halloween Edition: SWYAD returns once more! Become whatever spooky character you desire. You may reserve a name in this thread or via Discord if you haven't already.
  • Whodunnit: Episode 16: Whodunnit returns for its 16th edition, where this time, a masquerade party at SpongeBob's house goes wrong!
  • Trick or Terror!: Hooky is taking a vacation this year, and in its place, comes this new roleplaying game! Gather up the most candy and become the King of Halloween!
  • Jackbox - Murder Trivia Party: Every Friday night during the event, we'll be having a Jackbox game, which is possible thanks to dman who will be streaming it on Discord! Test your knowledge to the best of your ability, because if not...you die! Mwa ha ha!
  • SBC Music Ghoul Party Fridays: Every Friday night after Jackbox during the event, relax and play your favorite chilling tunes on cytube!
  • SpongeBob Pictionary: Every Saturday night during the event will be a ghoulish game, all leading to the epic Season 2 finale on Halloween night!
  • Halloween Boovie Nights: Every Saturday right after Pictionary, get your popcorn ready for a spooky movie night, streamed right on Discord! The movie schedule will be: October 17th - Scooby-Doo (2002), October 24th - The Nightmare Before Christmas, and October 31st - It Chapter 2.
  • Cards Against Humanity: On both Sunday nights during the event, be prepared for haunted card games!
  • Arcade Tournaments: Scattered throughout the event will be a few terrifying flash game tournaments!
  • Spooky Contests: Both the iFish and Scary Story Contests will return! Get your best iFish costumes (and yes, there will be new items for you to try out) and writing skills ready for both! 
  • Octerror Minigames: Minigames from the past years will return for you to win doubloons, treats and more in!

In addition, several other smaller activities, such as the Candy Hunt and a special Halloween Quiz, look forward to meeting you in time as well! For skins, there will be two brand new ones designed by Local and Cha, one of which I think you will all love very much! Three old skins from previous Octerrors will return, being: It Came From Boo-Kini Bottom (everyone), The Flying Dutchman (LC) and Trick or Treat! (LC). We hope this event will be a monster smash!

SWYAD Reservations:

Jjs —> Ghost Rider

SOF —> Dracula Phineas

OWM —> ScarecrOWM

SpongeKid —> That Spooky SpongeKid

Negi —> NegiVampy

Steel —> The Patient

Carrot —> Bat Simpson

Sbl —> Doot Doot

4Ever —> Eddie Van Halen

Kat --> Coraline

WhoBob --> Chuck

Katie —> Laszlo Cravensworth

Dman —> deadmandeadman

Mythix —> Jack O Chocolantern

Fred --> Freaky Fred-Day

OMJ --> Dr. Dark

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