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SpongeCraft Map Downloads


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Hello all! sbl here! Yesterday, after the last tournament, the last group photo, and the last Llama Hunger Games, the server maps were backed up in their entirety. I promised that they would be available for download, so here they are!

(.zip archive is password protected with spongecraftia19)

The zip file contains Minecraft version 1.12.2 maps as of September 14th, 2019. I'm not sure what would happen if you open in them in the latest version of Minecraft, but you can try if you'd like. If you corrupt them or mess them up, you can download them again from here :). There are a total of three maps, which are the regular world, the End world, and the Nether world. They are all separate and not all in one like the server due to us using a plugin called Multiverse on the server. Server plugins don't work in singleplayer, which also means that all image maps are broken, and vehicles don't work either.

If you have any questions, mention me on the SBC Discord (or in this topic), or contact another staff member/notable SC player.


We at SBC hope you enjoyed your time on SpongeCraft, and thank you sincerely for making it a fun feature. See you later!

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Instructions on how to install!

1. (If you use Windows): Press Win+R and type "%appdata%\.minecraft" and press okay.
    (If you use a Mac): Go to the Go menu and go on Finder, select "Go to Folder", then type in "~/Library/Application Support/minecraft" and click Go.

2. Go to the folder named "saves".

3. Copy which ever map folder you want (SpongeCraft Creative, SpongeCraft Nether, or SpongeCraft End) inside the "saves" folder. (When asked for a password, use the one in sbl's post above. All three maps together are around 4.6 GB, so in regards to space, you must make sure you have enough.)

4. Launch Minecraft Java Edition, go to Singleplayer, and find the save called the name you gave the folder.

(Note: If you're loading the map in a new version of Minecraft, make sure to click "I know what I'm doing". Clicking "Backup and load" will freeze your game)

Enjoy! :D

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