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  1. "Squidferatu" is now called "Squidward's Flickering The Lights"
  2. Y'all act like you never seen a white person before

  3. jjs x ex retcons too much previously established lore 😠

  4. are you finished with those errands
  5. I officially challenge eminem to a rap battle

  6. bravo finale and now I finally understand the hidden message of this theater
  7. this man is not real
  8. I invented rap

  9. I hate Bubble Buddy

  10. I think you know who I'm supporting
  11. He kept us waiting...for a bubble?
  12. At Jersey Mike's, they slice your order fresh right in front of ya. And let me tell ya, watching that can send a rush of emotions through a person.

  13. this never would've happened if they went to jersey mike's and also in addition to being murdered, I feel like I'm gonna be arrested now

    1. Steel Sponge

      Steel Sponge

      Poor rabbit's been abused for 83 consecutive years annually on his birthday, but he's still chugging along at such an old age.

  15. coming this fall, let's go gamers
  16. "Bubble Bass Reviews" is now called "The Nostalgia Bass"
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