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  1. Now, I don’t see so good, so I missed, then they ran away. I ran after them. Bang! Tried to shoot them in the back, but I don’t run so good either. Anyway, you guys all think I’m a hero, and I’ll accept that responsibility.

  2. "Pickles" is now called "Do You How Do?"
  3. Boxy Grandpa

  4. the trash man is ready for some CHAMPIONSHIP BOXING
  5. Aka "Squidward in Suit"
  6. who stole my pimp chalice?

  7. is there a HawkbitOmega
  8. enjoy this rare opportunity to post on a leap day

  9. do you know the muffin man?

  11. they really retconned retired employees...this year is gonna be brutal 😔

  12. Danny DeVito

    Yuno Miles

    discuss one of the greatest rappers of our lifetime
  13. I am the true rizzler

  14. look at squidward's badass gangster cousin
  15. Thank you Yuno Miles for ending racism 🙏

  16. Favorite role of mine?
  17. Can't wait to see what SBC lore gets retconned in 2024!

  18. I should play The Grinch in the next iteration

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