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Status Replies posted by Nosferatu!

  1. i can’t believe my coworkers are more supportive of me and my aspirations than my own mother is :ok2:

  2. this is more important to me than my own hypothetical childtumblr_oz9qb6aRPh1u0f08eo1_1280.jpg

    1. Nosferatu!


      it is very rare for him to sign autographs with his actual name :glare:  this is how u know it’s authentic 

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  3. i think it's time for me to get back into art again

  4. still can’t believe i erotic danced with a vampire. that really happened 

    1. Nosferatu!


      y’all think i’m joking but i can assure you that i am not 

      it was to a david bowie song 

  5. season 2 of Stranger Things has given me a greater appreciation for Steve Harrington

    1. Nosferatu!


      I wholeheartedly agree with this statement ;) 

  6. i'm suing jonny brugh for literally making me shed tears over his sheer beauty this morning (d) 

  7. i miss petyr :wah:

    1. Nosferatu!


      kom tenny lives 4ever in our hearts if we so choose to believe

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  8. t-minus three weeks until i get to meet the love of my life and subsequently become a creature of the night :hehe2:

    1. Nosferatu!


      @Dracula Phineas no, I'm meeting my favorite actor (the stud in my avatar) at a convention in Minneapolis :P  and sure, I'll try ;) 

      @Katwoman thanks!  :hearts: I'm so nervous haha

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  9. I don't think I will be breaking anybody's hearts by saying that the Rachel/Joey relationship arc from Friends was terrible.  Would I be?

  10. is anyone lowkey starting to get tired of the wendys twitter meme

  11. I must be the only person who doesn't want a funeral when they die.

  12. waiting for packages to arrive is both exciting, and extremely frustrating.

  13. I can't go anywhere without seeing advertisements for the movie Sing plastered all over the place: channel flipping on television, stores, hell I see posters all over the place at my own movie theaters, not to mention the trailers that come with it before every movie I've been seeing lately. Illumination sure knows to over advertise their products.

    1. Nosferatu!


      that's because there's no else where to go

      BUT UP!!! (smirk) 

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  14. who wants to come to my next wedding

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