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    or the day after we're operating on covid 19 time here you can't expect me to be perfect Okay! Yes, I am back. Here to tell you that this project is NOT over. At least, not yet. I still have some unfinished business that I'd like to get to, and it is as follows: I will begin by posting my Bottom 10 Songs in Billboard Year-End History. These will be the most insidious songs from my Bottom 10 lists that have truly earned their spots as being the most rancid songs I've ever had the displeasure of listening to while doing this project. All #1 worst songs from every year are eligible. Next, I will reverse the message by posting my Top 10 Songs in Billboard Year-End History! These will be the songs from my Top 10 lists that stick with me most to this day. All the #1 songs will be eligible (yes, even that one). Finally, as a cap-off to this project, I will reveal my Top 100 Artists of All Time, regardless of whether they made Billboard year-end charts or not. I'm not doing a Bottom Artists list because that's too much negativity, and I want to end this on the most positive note possible. Stay tuned for all of these in the coming weeks and months!
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