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User Info
Registration Date June 24, 2010
Age 21
Status Inactive
Group Customers

Deli was a former SBC member that joined June 24, 2010. She was known for her love of The Muppets and talked about them all the time in her Sharing Time Blog. Her Introduction Topic.

(2011) Conflict With Dragiiin -

On February 27th, 2011, Dragiiin copied Deli's lolnathan idea and made an offensive web drawing story about tvguy killing Deli. Deli was annoyed. However on March 13th, 2011, he did it again, so Deli told him off. Suspicison arised when Dragiiin made a thread asking if the (highly offensive) word, "cunt" could be said on the site (the word isn't against the rules, but staff thinks it is offensive). Users and staff (most notablyClappy) feared Dragiiin was planning to call Deli a "cunt", especially when he made a party topic in favor of her, but Dragiiin denied those claims and apologized to Deli.


(Mid 2011) Conflict With The Community -

In mid 2011, Deli felt ignored on the site, thus creating tension when tvguy rudely advertised on a site she likes, SpongebobxSandy forum. Read here. She quickly made amends with the community.

(Late 2011- Early 2012)

Sadly, on November 12th, 2011, she announced she may leave the site due to a decreasing interest in Spongebob. She recently became a Good Noodle. She hasn't posted since January 14th, 2012. She came back, promising to post from time to time, but has now given her energy to God and Church in her real life. Deli has not been on since she left after April 2012. It is unknown if she'll ever return to SBC.