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SpongeBobxSandy Forum
The site's logo.
Site Information
Founder Muffin
Age 12 years, 2 months and 7 days
Consists of Forums, chat
Administrators Muffin (2008-present)
Meg Treez of Bikini Bottom (2008-present)
pokemongirl (2008-present)
SpongeOddFan (2014-present)
Moderators caterat (2008-present)

The SpongeBobxSandy Forum is a lesser known SpongeBob forum. The SBC member Deli was known for going here. It is a forum dedicated to shipping SpongeBob and Sandy, and also discusses SpongeBob in general. However, in comparison to SBC and SBM, it is not very active, and has been very quiet since 2010.

SBC Conflict


In a thread advertising SBC on the site, tvguy rudely insulted the site on June 24th, 2010, claiming SBC was better and their site "sucks a**". 70s made him and another member, sbs1fan, apologize.


Almost a year later, on June 2nd, 2011, tvguy again, rudely tried to force users from that site onto SBC. Members still refuse, believing SBC is drama filled, from what they heard/read about it (possibly from other sites). Deli lashed out at him with everyone else. She soon apologized, saying she's going through a hard time. After that, tvguy stopped bothering them.