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Pictured on September 1st, 2023

Centralia is a village in the Frontierlands, and the second officially-designated municipality in SpongeCraft Frontiers. It is one of four known NPC villages in the world, along with Littleroot Village, New Horizonia, and Pescare Part. It was first discovered by Meko1432, who lured its villagers away towards Littleroot in order to build an iron generator in the latter town. Centralia was initially ignored for utilization by players of SCF due to its poor, bizarre generation, which created such oddities as a large hole around the well at in the center of the village, and at least one cottage with its entrance door placed entirely under the grass. Due to its strange below-ground placement, the well has since been partly demolished and buried underneath the dirt paths.

In August 2023, Centralia was selected as the site of a building competition for Bubble Festival, and had most of its structures demolished by HawkbitAlpha in preparation for the event on August 26th. Currently, Centralia is home to three buildings created in the competition, and it is expected to be the site of future construction events. It is connected by the Pioneer Central Railway to Littleroot Village and New Horizonia, as well as the Great Hoodoos.


Buildings & Objects

  • Centralia Tower - A two-story lodge built by DarknessDG during the Bubble Festival building competition. Originally jokingly named Krusty Towers by Jjs Goodman.
  • The Prismacenter - An inverse pyramid-shaped commons built by HawkbitAlpha during the Bubble Festival building competition. Notable for its construction from prismarine bricks and other materials acquired from the ocean monument near Inter Island.
  • Meko's House - An "old-school" house built by Meko1432 during the Bubble Festival building competition.



  • The village was named by HawkbitAlpha after the real-world ghost town of Centralia, Pennsylvania, due to its odd features, small NPC population, and the fact that both were mostly demolished.