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Cosmic Jelly Guide & Count

Jjs Goodman

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This thread will keep track of every user's Cosmic Jelly tally throughout Arcade Anarchy II. Here's how you can obtain Cosmic Jelly during the event:

  • Come in 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th place during a game, which will reward you 400, 300, 200 and 100 jellies respectively.
  • Win them from three minigames on the forum.
  • Participate in the SWYAD which gives you 10 as a free starter.

You can spend your Cosmic Jelly on items at Kassandra's Prize Store. However, you can also choose to not buy anything and stockpile your jelly, because whoever has the most jelly collected by March 25th will receive: the Cosmic Gamer badge, 400 experience points, 5,000 doubloons, and a sneak peek.

Jelly Count:

Dman: 2,710

Winter: 1,955

Prez: 1,610

Fa: 1,410

SBManiac: 1,210

Ex: 1,110

Steel: 1,010

Slug: 1,000

Darkness: 805

WhoBob: 525

CDCB: 400

OBAB: 250

SOF: 240

Fred: 310

Meko: 300

4Ever: 290

Hawk: 210

Wumbo: 200

Katie: 110

Jjs: 10

Danny DeVito: 10

JCM: 10

Cha: 10

OMJ: 10

Katniss: 10

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