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After 10 years, it's time for me to say Bon Voyage!

Patty Rose

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Hello everyone. It’s uh… certainly been a while since I’ve last properly interacted with the community. Had things get in the way, new interests and places have taken my attention, all that gubbins.

But today I bring forth a (probably not so) shocking announcement. Tomorrow (which will technically be today for me in me time zone when this is posted) will consist of 3 personal milestones for me. It will be my 23rd birthday, my 10th anniversary on SBC, and finally, I will be retiring from my position as both an administrator, a member of the graphics team, and any other staff positions of the SpongeBob Community. I imagine for most of you who actually knew I was an admin, let alone existed, and especially due to my massive lack of activity for the past few years, this is almost certainly you saw coming, and clearly took way too long to actually do, and indeed this has been something I’ve been wanting to do for the past year, but never been able to get around to planning it. Until now.

The main reasons I’m stepping down include not just you know, not actually being involved much with SBC for years, but also because I’ve moved on to other communities and other interests, as well as a mix of fatigue, similar to how I felt back in 2016 when I stepped down as moderator, and being in a depressive mental state which has only since gotten worse. While I have still been producing graphics and helping out with skins and events, in comparison to what I’ve done back in 2018 and 2019, I really have not been doing much, and I’ve always been feeling guilty about taking up both an admin position, in addition to a graphics team position.

Since I haven’t been particularly active in long time, my activity levels will not exactly be changing, however I will still be on SBCord and will still be available to be randomly pinged for stupid reasons.

Before I end this chapter, I’d say to like one big final thanks to me fellow admin-buddies jjs and JCM, me graphic team-buddies Cha, Local, sbl and Katie, (oh yeah and the mod somebodies), all former staff who I’ve worked with over the years, a very special mention to SOF, and everyone in The SpongeBob Community. The past 10 years have been an absolute blast here, whether that be making friends, or planning an exciting event, and I think the time is more than right then ever to finally rest. I hope SBC and every single one of you continue to be awesome!


Patty Sponge.

(See you all again in 2 years when my fatigue suddenly ends and I become extensively active again)

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