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Was originally gonna make this my entry for Scary Story Contest, but I ended up going with something more one-shotty. Was on the fence whether I’d actually post this or not, but hey, it’s Halloween, everyone’s entitled to one good scare. And November is already gonna mark a whopping 10 years since my first SpongeBob w/zombies attempt, The Walking Sponge, why not sorta celebrate that shit? Unfortunately for my old hyphenated pals @Cosmic-Loop and @Patrick-Man!, The Walking Sponge will never see a conclusion, but this one has a better chance to! This will be my main focus once MegaloMania is officially in the books.


Plot: Plankton has been unusually more inactive these last couple of months, and seeing this as a sort of calm before the storm, Mr. Krabs decides to reinstate the Spy Buddy division in order to carry out some corporate espionage on his behalf. Agent SquarePants has been sent out into the field alone and hasn’t been heard from in days, until a distress call reaches the office of Mr. Krabs…from inside The Chum Bucket. Agent SquarePants is only able to relay the atrocities he’s witnessed in a few short words before the line goes dead. Mr. Krabs ultimately decides to mount a rescue mission, not wanting to lose his prized moneymaker to whatever Plankton has cooking. When the water around The Chum Bucket and it’s surrounding property is ominously bathed in red, Krabs decides to arm himself in preparation for whoever, or whatever, awaits him.


Episode 1: Live Bait

A lone boat mobile speeds down a lonely stretch of road as the sun starts to set in the distance. The usually flowery skies appear far more red and much less flowery than usual. It appears as though the vehicle has entered an ever thickening fog. The boatmobile takes a hard left turn and immediately stops in the courtyard fronting The Chum Bucket. Krabs notes that it seems Plankton’s done a little remodeling.

Krabs exits the vehicle and brandishes an experimental gun created and patented by Sandy herself: the Irukandji Edge. Harnessing the fierce heart-stopping power of the irukandji jellyfish, even just a graze from one of its bullets will have the target begging for death.

Agent Squidward insists on staying with the vehicle and reading the latest issue of Interpretive Dance Monthly, promising that he might spring into action at the first or second sign of trouble or something. So Krabs heads out into the red mist alone. He comes across numerous hideously malformed creatures roaming the courtyard, trashing all the outdoor seating. These hostiles quickly turn their attention to Krabs and lay siege to him. Krabs thinks fast and shoots one, but it appears impervious to the agonizing sting of the irkandji! Krabs let’s loose with more bullets, eventually gunning the creature down into fleshy bits. He reloads with the nearly limitless supply that Sandy lent him and blows the rest of the creatures to little bite sized pieces.

Krabs soon notices a stranger in a lab coat being attacked by these bloody things and appears to save them in the knick of time, but it’s soon revealed that the creatures have taken huge chunks out of the lab fish’s body. With every last breath he could muster, the lab fish reveals to Krabs that he’s an employee for the Chum Bucket and that they were working on their own “secret formula”, but the manager went crazy and “placed the entire staff on the menu”, turning all their experiments against them. This lab fish was the only one who managed to make it this far out, the rest are still trapped inside the establishment with the worst horrors imaginable. The lab fish hands Krabs a Chum Bucket company picnic photo, begging him to please save as many of his fellow co-workers as he can before the lab fish finally succumbs to his wounds.

Krabs picks his pockets for any loose change before continuing further into the property. After taking out more waves of monstrosities, he finally catches his first glimpse of Agent SquarePants, who is lying helpless on the ground with none of his limbs intact. Krabs goes up to check on him, but Agent SquarePants warns him that “they’re using them as boomerangs!” Krabs is suddenly blindsided by an oncoming object. The creatures are revealed to be throwing around SpongeBob’s disembodied arms and legs, having fashioned them into makeshift weapons. They throw more, but this time, Krabs manages to shoot them down in midair.

A dog-like creature bursts out from the Bucket and pounces down onto Krabs, biting at his shell in hopes of breaking through. The dog is driven off him after a couple more stray gunshots can be heard. Pieces of flesh fall on to Krabs’ face as the dog retreats back. Agent Squidward approaches with his own Irukandji Edge locked and loaded. The dog proceeds to speak, taking them off guard. With a voice eerily similar to Plankton’s, the dog mocks Agent Squidward, saying that his aim is as mediocre as his clarinet playing. The dog then grabs what’s left of SpongeBob with its mouth and sprints off. The fry cook can only scream as Krabs and Squidward frantically try to stop it in its tracks, however their shots are pretty much all evaded. Their shots continue to mostly miss even as the dog creature scales the walls of the Chum Bucket, eventually retreating into the opening of the Bucket up top with SpongeBob in tow.

Krabs quickly deduces what Plankton’s game is; to use SpongeBob as bait in order to lure him right into a slaughter. With a renewed fire lit under him, Agent Squidward opts to join Mr. Krabs as he pushes on to enter the house that Plankton built. They blast through more waves of malformed and approach the front doors leading into the restaurant. Krabs says a quick prayer for them both, not to Neptune, but to Davy Jones himself, praying that there will be enough room in his locker for Plankton and all his abominations. Krabs and Squidward kick the doors down and storm in, guns blazing


Featured Creatures

  1. “Plankton’s Regulars”: Basic enemies made out of chum that came from the dead meat of all the poor souls unfortunate enough to stop into Plankton’s establishment looking for a quick bite.

  2. “Chum Dog”: A hellhound-like creature molded from the chum of Plankton’s victims, but the basic design comes nowhere close to the doggos and puppers we know and love. Has been conditioned to follow Plankton’s orders right down to the letter. Would be a good boy if it weren’t the product of something so heinously evil.



  1. First appearances of Mr. Krabs, Agent Squidward, Agent SquarePants, Lab Fish 1 and “The Hound”

  2. Death(s): Lab Fish 1

  3. The Chum Bucket company picnic photograph showed that the Chum Bucket had at least 10 workers in its employ before the incident broke out

  4. Sandy is Krabs’ equipment supplier, much like her role was in the original Spy Buddies episode, except this time, he’s actually forking out money to loan them out from her, showing how serious this mission is for him



  1. The “Irukandji Edge” name is a reference to the Samurai Edge, a firearm made famous in the video game series, Resident Evil.

  2. The story’s mainly inspired by the horror light gun shooter video game, The House of the Dead in general.

  3. Krabs’ prayer about there being enough room in Davy Jones’ Locker is a subtle nod to Dawn of the Dead’s tagline, “When there’s no more room in hell, the dead will walk the earth.

  4. The functionality of the Irukandji Edge is mostly inspired by the jellyfish gun that was used in the SpongeBob flash game, Zombie Breakout

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