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Q4 Announcements (10/17/2021)

Steel Sponge

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So, the previous quarter was also rather a flop. That doesn't mean I'm upset about it though, since I was still able to get some things done. I'm feeling good about how this quarter will turn out for my writing productivity. Without further ado, let's go over some of the updates...


Q2 2021 (October-December) Announcements:

-Red Flag Savior: Rebirth of a Storm: I will start with this spin-off, as the penultimate episode is now in the process of being completed and will be released later this month. Afterwards, I will only have to write one more episode, and an epilogue to tie into Oracle of the Cosmos, which will be addressed further into these announcements. Furthermore, I plan on ending this spin-off before the end of November.

-Total Drama Treasure Tour: Once again, I'm going to stick to my original plan from the previous two quarters with the eight episodes cap before the end of the year. Had I committed to this Literature more, I would've planned to go up to thirteen episodes before the end of 2021, but of course, I have a lot of catching up to do before then.

-Tiki Land: While RoS is nearing its end, I will have the opportunity to resume Tiki Land after it is done and I plan to write up the last half of the spin-off before the end of the year, after its near 9-year run. Like I've said before, the releases of the last five eps will be in the form of a premiere week.

-SpongeBob SquarePants: Lost in Translation: Of course, this nutty side-project will also be coming to an end soon, with two segments and the grand finale remaining. While I can't say when the final episode will be released, the next two episodes will be released later this month.

-Oh Yeah! Collections: Over the course of the last quarter, I have, once again, completed only one original story, with Mirrior. For the rest of this month, I intend to put my focus on catching up to my goal of finishing nine one-shot stories before the end of the year. One of those is a story to be submitted for the annual Octerrorfest story contest, with Trial and Error. One of them is the pirate-themed story Anchor that I've been teasing for a while. The third and last one I plan to have written out sooner than later is for early November, titled Permanece, on schedule with the Dia de Los Muertos observance (granted, it is a DDLM-themed one-shot). Besides those, here are the rest of the one-shots to expect at this point:

The Travelling Lamp
Untitled story for Snowcember

Other than the hypothetical Snowcember story, I am also scrambling with forming one more idea for a one-shot, so add one more currently untitled project to that list.

-Chemist Bob's Catastrophic Creations Cinema: For those who haven't seen my updated Wiki page, I have decided to silently put this series on hiatus. BUT don't expect that to last for long. For the time being, I will provide a preview for the next installment that will be up for grabs in my spin-off store later next month to make up for the radio silence.

-The writing sessions & my spin-off store: Since I've failed to live up to my original promise of updating my spin-off store by August, I will move up that plan up to November. Now, as for the writing sessions, I will continue them, but for the next couple months, things will be different. While my weekly writing session wasn't an absolute success, it has given me an idea for what I can do with my writing activity. So...I'm going to expand on it. While it will be an experiment for the last two months of 2021 at the time, I will start doing a monthly report on my writing activity starting in the very first day of November. For a while, I've been meaning to get into the habit of writing up to about 3,000-4,000k words on a regular basis, but I've come to terms with that I should consider getting in the habit of writing almost everyday before getting into the habit of writing a copious amount of words for my projects on any day, regardless if the time I spend on writing is ample or minimal. My commitment in moving along with this idea will depend on the amount of 0-written word days that I end up with. Of course, there will be a couple distractions that I'm committing to as well (Pokemon BDSP and the ACNH updates), and I will try not to let that affect my writing productivity. Otherwise, we'll just have to wait and see.


Alright I've saved these next two updates for last, since they are pretty major. So let's start off with...

-Trinity Leaf Pegasus: I should point out first thing that the two mysterious new spin-off/lits that I intend to release for 2021 are indeed the two projects that I've been teasing for a long time. Anyways, Trinity Leaf Pegasus, or the Duke Nukem Forever of the spin-off/lit community as Jjs has understandably referred to it, will be officially be released on the 10th anniversary of its announcement on the 21st this month...with a preview spanning around 2,500k-4,000k words. Of course, I need more time to flesh out the story, the characters, the world, and so forth, so I have the planned release date for its premiere to land on November 11th this year. While I have already written up the first episode back in 2015 and published it, it will be moved to Oh Yeah! Collections as the prototypical first chapter afterwards.

-Oracle of the Cosmos: The closer that I get to finish my core projects, the closer that I'll get to being able to finally start production of what will be my swan song in terms of my writing career on SBC, so I regret to inform that Oracle of the Cosmos will not be releasing this year, but that won't rule out the possibility of me starting writing production before the end of this year. At the very least, I hope to at least have a preview out for it before the end of 2021 while it's now slated for a 2022 release.


That wraps up my announcements for the fourth quarter, and therefore my spin-off/lit announcements for 2021. It's clear what's to be said in behalf of my writing plans going in to this year. I wasn't able to finish it up to this point, but some progress is better than none, and at least some of my works are near completion, etc. So yeah...I'll see you folks in 2022 with another quarterly update. Hopefully these forums are still alive at that point.

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