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What Do You Collect?

Jelly Lelly

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I've got a whole box sitting on a shelf where I keep special coins. That includes those engraved oval pennies you can find from machines at tourist destinations, but just as much of it is foreign currency that I've either collected myself, or gotten from other people as souvenir gifts.

And my favorite part of that collection? A 1000 goldmark from pre-WWI Imperial Germany. Something of a family heirloom too - my mom's side of the family has kept them ever since they moved from Germany to the States before WWI, and I'm the latest keeper.



I also have a vinyl album collection in the making (including another family hand-me-down, a big stack of mostly-unlabeled shellac Edison Diamond Discs originally owned by my great-grandpa), but it's not much too much to write home about at the moment:


(link to the full pic, if you care enough to have the resolution to see what's in there)

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