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Tom and Jerry Movie (2021)

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One of the world's tired running animation franchises with only the classics being the best stuff (chuck jones era being the last good to me), comes back in an epic live-action movie, and where else can you revive an old popular franchise without having the movie's setting in NEW YORK CITY? I'm ready for this to be awful like the other classic shlock. Animation is interested but still not that good to me, better than Sonic and Detective Pikachu's I think, but at least I'd rather watch those two over this.

The humor seems to be more of the same on Reboot Movie 101's, with jerry doing the cliche copy machine butt gag and mentions of tik tok and instagram since when you modernize something, it can't be in a subtle way where it's just normalized and how life is now, it has to be done in a way where it references it and probably will have more similar jokes where it comes off cringey and dated. Though maybe I'm too negative about the trailer since I've seen this story happen over the years with Garfield, Scooby-Doo, Smurfs, Alvin, Yogi Bear, etc and it can't be AS bad and is probably promoted with the worst aspects in the marketing, since it looks moreso like slapstick like the old stuff, but I don't know, all this reviving is just pointless and it's not something to get that angry about. What are your thoughts?


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That's the BEST looking Cel-Shaded C.G.I. Animation I have ever seen...Yes, even better than the Cel-Shaded C.G.I. Animation in "The Legend Of Zelda: The Wind Maker". It's certainly the BEST interaction between humans and animated cartoons since "SpaceJam"! I think they might be able to pull this off! Enough said, true believers!

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So, I recently saw the movie...the two title characters were DEFINITELY a lot more IN character, in respect to their original theatrical cartoon shorts (compared to the disaster that was the FIRST "Tom and Jerry" full-length movie), and there were quite a few call-backs to some of the original theatrical shorts. DEFINITELY the BEST interaction between animation and live-action that I've ever seen. The only REAL complaint about the movie that I have, is that it was trying WAY too hard to scream: "We're STILL Relevant, D*****"! I mean, I'm PRETTY sure William Hanna would've NEVER wanted ANY movie involving "Tom And Jerry" to use THAT much Rap and Hip-Hop music; the movie's going to age WORSE than the "Tom & Jerry" cartoon short "The Zoot Cat"! Speaking of William Hanna, was using archive vocal recordings of William Hanna REALLY the best they could do for Tom's voice? (Granted, he usually doesn't speak unless required, but STILL...) The plot? Certainly not the WORST plot in the world, but could've been a little bit better. At least Tom and Jerry were pretty integral to it. Overall, I'd give the movie an 80 out of 10, better than the Filmation TV Series, the Gene Deitch shorts, and most of the Chuck Jones shorts, but not up to the best of the Hanna-Barbera shorts. Enough said, true believers!

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