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Favorite Beatles Songs

Inanimate Carbon Rod

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Haven’t reviewed every Beatles album (only up to White Album), but a few of my favorites would have to be...

- Eleanor Rigby

- For No One

- With A Little Help From My Friends

- She’s Leaving Home

- The Continuing Story of Bungalow Bill

- While My Guitar Gently Weeps

- Your Mother Should Know

- Martha My Dear

- Octopus’s Garden

ringo is the best singer and no one can change my opinion 

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My fave Beatles songs....hmmmm...that's a tough one, but here we go.

 "I Want to Hold Your Hand"

 "All My Loving"



 "Good Day Sunshine"

 "Eleanor Rigby"

 "Paperback Writer"

 "Helter Skelter"

 "Got to Get You Into My Life"

 As you can probably tell, Paul is not only my fave Beatle, but my favorite era is the pre-Sgt. Pepper period.

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