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President Squidward

Prez Takes Down Billboard

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SURPRISE EVERYONE! I've been thinking about giving this huge project a spin after watching and rating Billboard hot 100 charts with friends on cytu.be. I've been more into music these past couple of years and I still have a love for the pop charts even if I don't enjoy as much as I used to back in the day. I think this project would be fun to do, where I count down my favorite songs of the year, my least favorites, and everything inbetween. Since I'm a 2000's kid and have a fascination of 21st century pop, I'm going to review every single year-end charts on Billboard, starting with the year I was born, 2000!

Might take a while for this to come out since I review other music stuff on my Rateyourmusic account, but it's happening so keep your eyes peeled!

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