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Whodunnit? Episode 6: SOLUTION REVEALED

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Welcome to SpongeBob Whodunnit?, an Octerror Fest event! Yup, it returns for the sixth edition! This Whodunnit also marks a year since the activity began. In this event, the goal is to figure out who stole Patrick's homemade doughnuts from his Halloween party! :SurprisedWitch:


One night, Patrick hosted a Halloween party at his house. Patrick had made special homemade sand doughnuts for the event, and couldn't wait to share them with everyone. The following guests arrive to Patrick's party: SpongeBob, Squidward, Sandy, Mr. Krabs, Mrs. Puff, Squiliam, The Flying Dutchman and Bubble Bass. However, two of those guests listed were not formally invited. They enter inside and check out Patrick's decorated Halloween house. Patrick greets them and goes in the kitchen, preparing his homemade sand doughnuts and other snacks. Meanwhile, the guests are partying around in the living room and talking to each other. SpongeBob is chatting it up with many guests. Squidward seems bored, annoyed and is trying to get out of the house. Sandy looks at the sand curiously and does several experiments to herself. Mr. Krabs tries to sell some junk to the guests. Mrs. Puff is checking out Patrick's decor, fascinated by it. The Flying Dutchman is watching Patrick's television. Bubble Bass is impatiently waiting for food. Lastly, Squilliam is showing off his money to people, and bragging about how his house has better parties than Patrick's. Patrick leaves the kitchen momentarily to see how the guests are doing. Patrick goes back into the kitchen later, to see his homemade sand doughnuts are gone! Who could have taken them!? 

As Patrick's private detective, your job is to figure out who stole his doughnuts. You are given three hints by your trusty Magic Conch Shell: it is someone who was at the party, it was someone who talked to Patrick at least once, and the person was actually invited to the party. You have until the end of the month to figure out who did it, to which a reward will be waiting for you. 

On select days during Octerror Fest, characters will come on and release their anecdote on what happened. The characters will also answer your questions as well, so ask in their topics as they show up!

By October 30th, PM me who you think is the culprit! On October 31st, all is revealed and the winners will receive 1,000 doubloons each and a point for their team!

Note: you only get one guess. Once you PM me your guess, that's it.

Anecdote dates!:

Patrick - October 15th

SpongeBob - October 16th

Squidward - October 17th

Sandy - October 18th

Bubble Bass - October 21st

Mr. Krabs - October 22nd

Mrs. Puff - October 23rd

The Flying Dutchman - October 24th

Squilliam - October 25th

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Time's up, I've received a whopping 24 guesses, the most in Whodunnit history. Here's the solution. The culprit was......


Sandy, but she did not intentionally steal them. Sandy went into Patrick's kitchen to make sure the doughnuts were edible and stable. Turns out they were rotten and fell apart anyways, so she was correct to assume the worst.

Now here's who got the answer right:


4EverGreen and Ben got it right for the Indies, giving them 2 points. LocalAquatic, Fred, Patty, sbl, Wintermelon, Slug, dmandaboi, Negi and Fa got it right for the Band Geeks, giving them 9 points. Homie, Hawk, Hayden, SOF, teenj, CakeCup, Mythix, OWM, Someone, Zaid, OBAB and RDSP got it right for the Drasticals, giving them 12 points.

Thanks to all who played this time around! Be sure not to eat any sand doughnuts on Halloween!

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