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  1. SpongeBob was saying Gary was acting' a lil weird and needed his help. Guess the lil' feller was hungry.
  2. About the karate session we were gonna do tomorrow. Yep.
  3. When I find the varmint who kidnapped SpongeBob, they won't be walkin' for weeks! I must have not been looking right, since I never saw SpongeBob disappear, but we did talk before he did. I suspect either Plankton or the Dutchman kidnapped him, being the fiends they are.
  4. He was the biggest varmint in the room, of course! Though, maybe also too obvious, but I don't know who else would'a had the motivation to make a ruckus.
  5. Someone's hiding a dirty 'lil secret here in Goofy Goober's, and I'm gonna help y'all catch 'em, no matter what it takes! I wasn't anywhere near that mascot guy, so I vouch for my innocence. I'd suspect Plankton or Bubble Buddy.
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