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Octerror Fest 2017

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(Credit to tvguy for the logo)

Here we go. I know many have been waiting for this, for who knows how long. As promised, here's a rundown of what to expect at Octerror Fest 2017! Ooh, scary! :SurprisedWitch: Loyal Customers have already seen this, but I am posting it for everyone.


Octerror Fest 2017 will be our seventh annual Octerror Fest, a Halloween forum event we have each year. It will start October 13th and end October 31st. The whole site will receive unique Halloween decorations and transform into a fitting spooky atmosphere. Much like last year, this entire event is also a teams tournament between the Band Geeks, Drasticals, and Independents ala March Madness, competing in the Octerror Cup. However, like last year again, you do not have to be on a team to play in it, as you can go solo and stay Independent if you wish to be a lone wolf. Every event you win will get one point for your team on the Halloween scoreboard. The winning team will receive some terrifyingly awesome prizes at the end of the month. If you want to be a part of the Band Geeks or Drasticals, then feel free to sign up in "Teams Sign-Ups".

Now then, as expected, here's a preview at a few games and activities to expect during the event...

1.) SpongeBob Jeopardy!: Three Jeopardy games will count for the scoreboard during the event, on October 14th, 21st and 28th respectively, forming a three-part story arc! Watch as The Flying Dutchman, Dracula(!?), and other supernatural monsters invade Jeopardy!

2.) SpongeBob Wheel of Fortune: Three terrifying Wheel of Fortune games will count for the event on October 13th, 20th and 27th. If the wheel gives you heart attacks already, be prepared for more this year! Ah ah ah!

3.) Dunces & Dragons: There will be three hauntingly great Dunces & Dragons games for the event on October 15th, 22nd and 29th! One map will be a haunted mansion!

4.) SBC Music Ghoul Party Fridays: Every Friday night after Wheel of Fortune, we'll be having a scary music party at 8:00 PM EST (October 13th, 20th and 27th). The theme for each game is spooky/creepy/Halloween themed music (though you don't have to play those), and whoever has the most liked song by the end of the hour will receive prizes, including a point for their side!

5.) iFish: We'll be bringing back lots of old items from Octerror Fests 2012 & 2015, along with new, scarily great items, with some made by @Cream! There will even be another iFish costume contest to play in to mix and match your favorite Halloween designs with.

6.) Scary Story Contest: As we do every year, we'll be having another story contest if you want to sharpen your writing skills. Whoever has the creepiest and scariest story that knocks our judges' pants off (hopefully not literally) will be the winner.

7.) SpongeCraft Tournaments: SpongeCraft will have a creepy game every Saturday night at 8:30 PM EST on October 14h, 21st, and 28th for you to play in! Just like the past two years, SpongeCraftia will receive spooky Halloween decorations!

8.) Whodunnit at the Krusty Krab?: There's a new mystery afoot...

9.) Stop What You Are Doing: Halloween Edition: SWYAD is back, with a Halloween twist! We know most people change their name to a spooky name as it is during the event, but now here's a way to do it without losing 500 doubloons, ah ah ah! Sign-up here.

10.) ???: 9 19-8-1-12-12 18-5-20-21-18-14 15-14-3-5 13-15-18-5 3-8-9-12-4-18-5-14, 2-21-20 20-8-9-19 20-9-13-5 23-9-20-8 8-5-12-16...

I feel this may end up in history as one of our craziest, biggest, spookiest, most intense, and best forum events ever, so we hope everyone enjoys. This event will take the best parts of all past Octerror Fests, but combine them in a way that will still feel fresh. Don't worry, there are even more secrets, surprises and mysteries coming that I have not previewed, if you can believe it! I'm also designing a skin for the first time ever for the event (unless you want to count the disgrace called Patrick's Rock), so that'll turn out pretty cool (hopefully). 




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