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Status Updates posted by Danny DeVito

  1. or I'll just end up walkin' in the cold November rain

  2. I am now a member of the Wu Tang Clan

  3. whoa guys I just saw a ghost, let me record it with a potato

  4. jjs at it again with his sbc lore retcons 😠

  5. I do not play the Roblox name game The Doors

  6. I hate krabby patties

  7. BREAKING NEWS: Andrew Tate arrested for genocide.

  8. tfw we get SBC Sleep before Pokemon Sleep

  9. is it true squidward was kidnapped by the cartel

  10. I am so disappointed in the Solos, this is why I am my own team now

  11. Supreme Court my ass

  12. I’m not afraid of death. What can death bring that I haven’t faced? I’ve lived; life is the worst. Listen to me, I’m a philosopher. Joe, you must do this. You must must must.

  13. graggle simpson is a true hero

    1. Jjs Goodman

      Jjs Goodman

      Truly one of the characters of our time

  14. On the surface, Memorial Day honors those who have fallen in the line of duty. Down here, we honor people who fall asleep in long lines!

  15. my goofy ahh uncle

  16. john lennon has returned

  17. weather balloon deniers be like

  18. but who really was pepe silvia

  19. squidward's nose looks like a

  20. I refuse to obey the green fuhrer.

  21. rob me next

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    2. WinterArcanine


      I am confused by your symbols.

    3. Bob Carotte

      Bob Carotte

      it's a thomas nft

    4. WinterArcanine


      @Spongybobgodcan I buy your bored tank engine nft?

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