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Spin Off Action is a spin-off created by Clapmaster on TV.com. It was run and written by Clappy for four full seasons and one half season, before he decided to put it on hiatus. Clapmaster, the renowned spin off writer, then retired from spin off writing and ended Spin Off Action after it's success. In June 2011, the rights to the show were purchased by tvguy347. He had originally decided to renew the show for an entire sixth season, but due to the negative response and controversy he received for the first two episodes he wrote for the remake, it was canceled.

Season 1-5: Clapmaster began the show on TV.com and received great feedback. The show was a hit and he continued it until Season 4 on TV.com. He resumed the show on SBC. However, he abruptly ended the series as he retired from spin off writing.

Season 6: When the rights for the series were bought by tvguy347, the show was renewed for a sixth season. For season six, tvguy chose to write a remake of the series that was very different from Clappy's original spin-off. Many believed that tvguy's version did not do the show justice, with many members criticizing its overly crude and offensive humor, excessive use of swearing and sexual dialogue, inaccurate characterizations of the featured spin-off characters, outlandish plots, and rushed and overall sloppy writing. It was panned by both reviewers and fans of the original series alike, and its controversy has even led some to call it one of the worst spin-offs ever made.