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Miss Appear is an award winning Spin-Off by teenj12, based on the titular superhero, Miss Appear. The following is a list of characters that have appeared on the show.

Main Characters

Katherine Cross / Miss Appear 

(Season 1 - Present) - In Season 1, Katherine was introduced as an 18 year old suffering from clinical depression. Katherine is a high school drop out and has bad relations with her parents. Katherine possess two supernatural abilities - the power of invisibility and the power of telekinesis (though, for a time she could not access her telekinesis). After the death of her best friend, June, at the hands of a serial killer in Bikini Bottom, Katherine decides to embark on her own investigation into the man in order to take him down. This pursuit puts her at crossroads with Shadow, who she ultimately stops from murdering his father, Mayor George Coyne. Following Shadow's death in the mayor's house explosion, Vivian convinces Katherine to leave the scene and let her and George deal with the police and media. Vivian tells the media that a hero named 'Miss Appear' saved her and George from Shadow. Following these events, Katherine seeks medical help for her Clinical Depression, re-enrolls in High School to finish her senior year, and becomes a Detective for the Bikini Bottom Police Department. A year later, Katherine becomes haunted by hallucinations, which she initially believe to be Shadow's doing. Eventually. Katherine discovers that Shadow is not the person behind her hallucinations, but rather her brother, Michael Cross. Eventually, Michael traps Katherine in an hallucinated reality, but she comes to override this conditioning, convincing Michael to free her, Molly, Marilyn, Analise, and himself from the fabricated world. At the end of the Season 2 finale, Katherine abandons the 'Miss Appear' identity, embarking on a road trip with her now-girlfriend, Analise.

Analise Rogers / The Sightress 

(Recurring Season 1; Season 2 - Present) - Analise first appears in the third episode of Season 1, "It Should Of Been Me", where she is attacked by Shadow, but manages to survive after a rising sun disables Shadow's ability to kill others. Analise had apparently made headlines in Bikini Bottom by claiming to have the psychic ability to see the future, which is how Shadow found out about her. The character originated on another teenj12 show, "The Bikini Bottomen" , which was initially intended to take place in the Teenjverse alongside Miss Appear. However, after Bottomen was canceled, the show was severed from the shared universe, with Analise's history there being 'retconned'. Following her almost death, Analise is admitted to a hospital on a private floor. Shadow still manages to find her, rampaging his way through the hospital. Analise receives help in escaping him from Katherine Cross and Johnny Flaire. She is eventually moved to two different private facilities - one where Shadow attacks again, killing other powered patients. Once again, Katherine intervenes, and Rogers joins her and Vivian Coyne as they flee the facility. In the last quarter of the season, Analise joins Katherine's crusade in finding Shadow, which increases intimacy between the two women.

In Season 2, Analise and Katherine finally begin to admit their feelings for each other, but Katherine is hesitant to start anything due to the hallucinations that she is suffering (which she believes are caused by Shadow). Analise helps Katherine investigate the source of her hallucinations, with the two sharing their first kiss in the midst of things. In the fifth episode of Season 2, 'Killer M', Analise has a vision of Vivian and herself being cornered by an assassin. This leads Katherine and Analise to charge over to Vivian's home and attempt to rescue her. In the process, Analise is shot by Killer M (Mikey Merlin), and is rushed to the hospital where she begins to recover after a tough night. After Analise gets out of the hospital, she continues to be a source of support for Katherine, and even leads a search for the hero after Killer M had kidnapped her.

Johnny Flaire / Captain Magma 

(Season 1; Recurring Season 2) - Katherine's new roommate after June's death. Johnny is a 21 year old drug user with pyrokinetic abilities. After striking up a friendship with Katherine, he helps her investigate the man who killed June Morley. Though Katherine is initially reluctant to accept his help, she comes around to the idea. At the end of Season 1, Johnny assists Katherine and Vivian in stopping Shadow from murdering Mayor George Coyne. Johnny subsequently moves back to his home town of New Coral, after a tearful goodbye with Katherine. Johnny returns in Season 2's 'Sinisters', after Analise seeks him out to help find a missing Katherine. Johnny has now become a costume superhero known as 'Captain Magma', following events on his own show. In the season 2 finale, 'Katherine Cross', Katherine thanks him for his help once again, and Johnny informs her that he intends to hunt down Raymond 'ManRay' Charles.

Shadow / Billy Coyne

(Season 1) - The main antagonist of Season 1, Shadow is a 22 year old young man with the ability to control dark energy. Using his powers, he leads a murder spree against other superpowered beings in Bikini Bottom so that they don't end up exploited or discriminated against like himself. Shadow eventually runs into Katherine Cross, who prevents him from killing an intended target (Analise Rogers). Following their initial encounter, Shadow makes attempts to find and kill Katherine, while also accidentally falling in love with a young nurse, Marvin Long. Through his relationship with Long, a lighter side of Shadow is seen, as the show also delves into the abuse he and his mother suffered at the hands of his father (Mayor George Coyne). Later in the season, Shadow discovers that Katherine is his cousin, via Vivian being sisters with Katherine's mother. Eventually, Shadow decides to plot George's murder, but is stopped by Katherine Cross. In the end, Shadow commits suicide by remaining in George's home when a bomb was set to go off (one planted by himself, ironically). Shadow 'appears' twice in Season 2. Once in 'Mister Appear' inside a hallucinated reality, where he is straight-A, bookworm, living with his mother. He last appears in the Season 2 finale, once again in a hallucinated reality, where he turned out to be 'normal' instead of a depraved serial killer, and shares a fond relationship with his cousin, Katherine.

In Season 3, Vivian learns that Shadow was switched at birth with her actual son, Marshall. Shadow's biological mother is a woman named Laura Montgomery.

Detective Dudley Winters 

(Season 1- Present) - The Head Detective of the Bikini Bottom Police Department and a friend of Katherine's. Having dated Katherine's mother in the past, Winters is very concerned about Katherine being on her own. Leading an investigation into the man who has been killing metafish, Winters becomes annoyed when Katherine (who he has hired as his workplace assistant) becomes too closely involved. Later in the season, it is discovered that Winters had been working with Shadow all along, helping him to find metafish to kill. Winters' explains that a metafish killed his step-son, leading him to believe that such people have to be removed from society. In the season finale, Winters and Shadow attempt to kill Mayor George Coyne (days after Winters murdered his wife, Janaye). The two are stopped by the efforts of Katherine Cross, Vivian Coyne, and Johnny Flaire.

In Season 2, Winters begins sending Katherine cryptic letters regarding a possible threat to her. Katherine eventually visits him in prison to learn more, but he wants her to bust him out in exchange for the information. Though Katherine refuses, he eventually escapes anyway during a highly publicized prison break. Winters arrives at Marilyn Coyne's home after escaping, intent on confronting her about Michael Cross, her son. Winters tells her that Michael was transferred out of his mental facility to a man named Raymond Charles (known as 'Man Ray'), and that Michael is the one causing Katherine to hallucinate through use of his meta abilities. Throughout the season, Winters continues to help Marilyn and Katherine in regards to finding Michael. At the end of the season, Winters is again arrested and put back in prison, but is visited later on by Marilyn. Marilyn informs him that Katherine managed to stop Michael, to which he is glad about.

Vivian Coyne

(Season 1- Present) - The mother of Shadow. Vivian knows about her son murdering metafish, but instead of trying to stop him, she uses Shadow's abilities to advance her own scheme in murdering Mayor George Coyne after she marries him, therefore inheriting all of his money. Eventually, Shadow turns on Vivian and tries to murder her, but she is saved by the interference of Katherine Cross. Vivian soon reveals to Katherine that she is her aunt, and that Shadow is her son. Katherine eventually forces out of Vivian that she was helping Shadow in his escapades. Feeling guilty for her part in Shadow's killing spree, Vivian decides to help Katherine stop Shadow, in order to save George (who she still has conflicting feelings about). In the finale, "Miss Appear", Vivian shoots Winters, disabling him from helping Shadow. In the end, her son dies after George's house explodes. She and George mourn his dead body, but have to regain their composure when everyone hears police sirens. Vivian urges Katherine to leave before the reporters and law enforcement arrive, which she does. When Vivian is questioned about how she and George were rescued from Shadow, Vivian tells the world that a superhero named 'Miss Appear' saved their lives (giving Katherine her moniker at last).

In Season 2, Vivian runs for Mayor of Bikini Bottom, but faces a series of assassination attempts from a hitman named Mikey Merlin (known as Killer M). Vivian also confronts George, with the two finally working out the abuse that was dealt to her and Billy in the past by him. In episode 23, 'Time Doesn't Ease Pain', Vivian and Commissioner Detweiler become closer, as Vivian stays at his place for protection. In episode 24, Katherine reveals to Detweiler that Vivian orchestrated her own assassination attempts in order to frame Martin Rogers, who she was running against. Vivian is arrested, but let go due to lack of evidence. The revelation fractures her friendship with Detweiler, who kicks her out of his home. Vivian eventually becomes a town pariah, being labeled 'Black Vivian' by citizens and media outlets. In the episode 31, Vivian helps Katherine and Johnny search for Marilyn, who was kidnapped by Michael. The three are lead to the home of Katherine's estranged father, who they find shot. The father delivers a message from Michael, which gives Katherine a clue to where her brother could be. Vivian and Johnny stay to talk to the police, while Katherine tracks down Michael. In the season finale, Vivian and Detweiler have a short talk, which leaves the door open for a possible reconciliation of their friendship.

Commissioner Garrett Detweiler 

(Season 2 - Present) - The new commissioner of the Bikini Bottom Police Department after the old one is fired. Detweiler reigns with an iron fist, and accepts no incompetence. Throughout the first half of Season 2, he focuses on solving the case of Vivian Coyne's attempted assassinations, while getting unwittingly growing closer to her. He also become suspicious of Detective Katherine Cross, who he believes is hiding her involvement in things happening within the city. In the seventh episode of Season 2, 'Time Doesn't Ease Pain', it is learned that Detweiler's wife was murdered by a strangler, which is why he is so hard pressed and authoritative. He reveals this to Vivian, who empathizes with having a marriage end in hardship. Detweiler's friendship with Vivian comes to an end, however, when he discovers that she hired an assassin on herself to frame Martin Rogers. He kicks her out of his house, but later admits that he still loves her. in the Season 2 finale, Detweiler comes to the conclusion that Katherine is Miss Appear, which he shares with a tight-lipped Vivian.

Michael Cross / Mindcross

(Flashback Cameo Season 1; Season 2) - First seen in a memory sequence in Season 1's "Who You Really Are". Michael is stated to be in a mental facility in the episode, "Lowest Point". In Season 2, he becomes the main antagonist, causing Katherine to hallucinate things that aren't really there. It is revealed over the season that he was transferred from Happy Dale facility to a man named Raymond Charles (known as the 'ManRay'). Michael makes his first full appearance in 'Doors', being shown enhancing the range of his powers through use of the Orb of Confusion. In an alternate reality Michael created using his hallucination powers, he was a costumed hero known as 'Mister Appear'. with the same powers as his sister. After Katherine rescues Molly from his hallucination-created world, Michael increasingly seeks revenge. The two have an encounter in 'Debtor's Prison', where he blames Katherine for his problems, and proclaims himself as 'Mindcross'. In the Season 2 finale, 'Katherine Cross', Michael has kidnapped Katherine, Analise, Marilyn, and Molly into a new hallucinated reality. In this reality, the Cross family is whole and happy, with him and Katherine leading regular lives. Katherine eventually comes to discover that she is in a false world, and confronts Michael. Michael tearfully pleads for her to accept the new reality, citing their unhappinness and depression in their real lives. Katherine convinces him to face his issues instead of running, which Michael does by pulling everyone out of the alternate reality. Katherine destroys the Orb of Confusion, and Michael is taken to a new facility for treatment, vowing not to use his powers furthermore.

George Coyne 

(Season 1) - The Mayor of Bikini Bottom. George is the father of Shadow and the ex-husband of Vivian. As the string of murders in Bikini Bottom puts his mayoral skills to the test, his own secrets begin to come to light in the fact that Shadow is his son, who he allowed to be experimented on as a young child. Throughout the season, George falls for his ex-wife, Vivian, again as she returns into his life. Eventually, George's life is put on the line when Shadow and Winters attempt to murder him. Katherine Cross is able to stop Shadow and save George's life (subsequently gaining the 'Miss Appear' moniker, apart of a cover up by the Coyne's). The events that occurred lead George to take responsibility for what he has done to his family, at last. After George admits the truth about his past to the press, he is fired from his Mayoral position for being corrupt, and he leaves town. George appears once in Season 2, in the 20th episode, 'Oh Shit'. In the episode, Vivian and him have a frank discussion on their troubled past, and the abuse he dealt her. By the end of the talk, they both find closure. George currently lives in New Coral (the setting of Captain Magma), and is seeing a new woman.

Claudia Khan

(Season 3) - Introduced in the Season 3 premiere as the new DA of Bikini Bottom. She hires Marilyn Cross to be her personal assistant. Over the course of the season, it is revealed that she is the shapeshifter that has been impersonating people, including Vivian Coyne, who she framed for Mayor Martin Rogers' death. Later, she kidnaps a younger child version of Shadow from the past, and attempts to force Katherine to murder him in order to prevent her ex-husband's death (Mr. Lowski) at his hands. In the season finale, her plans are stopped by Katherine, but she escapes after leaving the hero trapped in a burning house. Her current whereabouts are unknown.

Marilyn Cross

(Guest Season 1; Season 2 - Season 4) - Katherine's mother, whom she has a difficult relationship with. Marilyn reunites with Katherine in the penultimate episode of Season 1, where they discuss their grievances with each other and start a healing process. Between Seasons 1 and 2, Marilyn and Katherine slowly re-develop their relationship, being seen as much closer during the Season 2 premiere. In Season 2, Marilyn is on good terms with her sister, Vivian Coyne, and even becomes her campaign manager. Their relationship is strained again, however, after it is revealed that Vivian orchestrated her own assassination attempts. Marilyn is later visited by Winters (the two having dated in the past), who has escaped from prison and is being chased by Bikini Bottom officers. Winters reveals that Michael was transported from the Happy Dale institution to a man named Raymond Charles (Man Ray), and calls Marilyn out on knowing that Michael was missing from the clinic. Winters convinces Marilyn to let him hide out at her home while he helps her to find Michael. Marilyn eventually brings Katherine in on the situation, much to her daughter's chargin. After Molly loses her memory (having been trapped in a hallucinated world by Michael), Marilyn tries to support her fragile daughter. In the penultimate episode of Season 2, it was revealed that Marilyn (along with Molly and Analise) has been kidnapped by Michael and inserted into a hallucinated alternate reality. In this reality, Marilyn is happy, with her family whole (Katherine, Michael, Molly, and her are living with their estranged father, Ben Cross, in a nice house). Marilyn is freed from this hallucination by Katherine's efforts. In a closing scene of the Season 2 finale, Marilyn and Molly discover that Molly has telepathic abilities, to which Marilyn promises to handle better than she ever did Katherine or Michael's abilities.

In Season 3, Marilyn has accepted a job with new DA Claudia Khan as her personal assistant. She has also grown closer to Commissioner Garrett Detweiler, causing an angered reaction from Vivian, who saw the two having dinner together. In the finale, she is shot by Claudia, who kidnaps Molly. Marilyn survives, but enters a coma.

Molly Cross

(Flashback Cameo Season 1; Season 2 - Present) - Katherine's intelligent, curious, and tenacious younger half sister, who is eleven years old when she is introduced. She is also the half sister of Michael Cross, daughter of Marilyn Cross and an unknown man, and the surrogate daughter of Ben Cross, who claims her as his own. During the events of Season 2, she becomes trapped in a hallucinated reality by Michael, but is freed from this reality by Katherine. After leaving this reality, she develops amnesia of the life she lived previously, and is incorrectly diagnosed as schizophrenic by her therapist. In the final episodes of Season 2, Molly is kidnapped (along with Marilyn and Analise) by Michael, who uses his powers to put them into his new hallucinated reality, where the Cross family is whole again and living in a nice house. Thanks to Katherine, however, Molly is freed from this reality by Michael. At the end of the Season 2 finale, Molly develops telepathy, having accidentally read Marilyn's mind. In Season 3, Molly has been navigating the use of her abilities and the tribulations of middle school.

Tim Conners / Barnacle Boy

(Season 4 - Present) - Tim Wayward Conners is a vigilante and former sidekick of Mermaid Man's who has come out of retirement. In his first appearance, he tries to convince Miss Appear to work with him, even revealing his identity to get her to trust him. Eventually, Katherine comes around, and takes Analise with her to have a meet with the young hero. Tim shows them the Mermalair, the former HQ for Mermaid Man's operations. He also introduces them to his friend and technician, Adam.

Bonnie Morse / Black Clam

(Season 4 - Present) - A young woman who has arrived in Bikini Bottom for an unknown reason. She is also the costumed hero, Black Clam - capable of emitting sonic screams from a self-made sonic device called the Clam Cry. The character originated on Team SpongeBob.


(Season 4 - Present) - A genius level technician who helps Tim (and now, Team Appear) with their superhero exploits.

Recurring and Major Guest Characters

Introduced in Season 1

June Morley - Katherine's long time best friend, and roommate in the pilot episode. June allowed Katherine to stay with her after Katherine left home and severed ties with her parents. Katherine harbors an intense crush on June, with it being revealed that the two engaged in sexual experimentation on June's prom night. June, however, does not return Katherine's feelings, causing animosity between them (with the added factor of Katherine's depression). June, who worked at the Krusty Krab, accepts a date offer from Shadow (who she didn't know was a serial killer in the making), after he had asked for her number during her shift. During June's date with him (a hike in the park), Shadow murders her, which sets the course for Katherine to investigate June's death, thereby kicking off the events of the entire series. June was a metafish, with super strength powers - a tidbit that her parents had a hard time accepting when Katherine told them this. In the Season 1 finale, June appears to Katherine as a hallucination (following Katherine bumping her head). In the Season 2 finale, June appears in a hallucinated reality created by Michael Cross (Mindcross), in which she and Katherine are in a romantic relationship. When Katherine realizes this reality is wrong, she tearfully bids June goodbye, expressing that this isn't the way things should be and that she had to move on from June at last.

Maddie Morley - June's mother, who is outraged by her daughter's death. In Season 1's "House and Home", she gives Katherine a hard time over the specifics of what happened to June, and also doesn't believe that her daughter was a meta (being disgusted by the very suggestion). Off screen, Det. Dudley Winters delivers her a diary that was kept by June, confirming June's secrets (such as her super powers). A year later in Season 2, Morley appears at Katherine's door on the anniversary of June's death. Katherine lets her inside and they have a heart to heart. Morley is now at peace with what happened to her daughter, and the revelation that her daughter was a metafish. She tells Katherine to keep in touch.

Mr. Morley - June's father, who only appears in "House and Home". At first he seems more reasonable than his wife, Maddie Morley, but soon shows his prejudiced side when he refuses to believe that June was a metafish.

Mr. Lowski - The owner of Lowski Apartments, where June and Katherine lived. After June's death, he orders Katherine to evacuate the apartment since her name was never on the lease. He appears cold hearted about Katherine potentially becoming homeless. Throughout the season, he suspects that Katherine is still living in the apartment (which now belongs to Johnny Flaire). In Season 1's "Even Criminals", he is murdered by Shadow, which Katherine blames herself for.

Officer Gilberto 'Gilbert' Gutierrez - Appearing in the first episode, but unnamed until the second episode, Gilbert is an officer at the Bikini Bottom Police Department. He is very sensitive to being called 'Gil', and gets off on the wrong foot at first with Katherine. When Katherine begins working at the precinct, Gilbert tries to befriend her, to which Katherine returns the favor half-heartedly. He tells Katherine that he is only a desk cop and looking to be promoted into the action. Near the end of the season, Katherine seeks an unwitting Gilbert out of help in finding Shadow. In Season 2, Gilbert finally gets a taste of being out in the field, but on his first assignment, he accidentally shoots and kills Jackie Merlin, the wife of Killer M. This event weighs deep on his conscience, as shown in "Time Doesn't Ease Pain", where he divulges his guilt to Katherine while the two are being held hostage by Patrick Peterson - a metafish with the ability to emit a knock out gas. In order to get them out, Katherine is forced to reveal to Gilbert that she is Miss Appear, to which he promises to keep a secret.

Bessie Rivers - A woman who ran a foster home for runaway teenage metafish, called 'Extra Ordinary". Bessie witnessed a shadowy figure the night the children there were murdered. Though she didn't tell the police initially, she divulged this to Katherine, who had visited her for answers. Katherine convinced her to give her statements to the BBPD.

Professor Manor - A scientist living in Seaside Heights, and the man who ran the experiments on Shadow as a child, which resulted in his dark abilities. Vivian and Shadow visit him in "A Time To Run", for information on a flaw in Shadow's powers. The character was originally going to appear in more episodes, but ultimately did not.

Dr. Helen Swatson - A psychiatrist first appearing in "A Coma Would Be Nice", who Johnny hires to help Katherine with her depression. Katherine is at first hesitant and hostile, but decides to have a one hour session with the woman. Helen is able to get Katherine to open up, but when Katherine notices that Helen is trying to get her to admit that she is suicidal, Katherine up and leaves the session. In the closing scene of the Season 1 finale, Katherine finally starts sessions with Helen. In Season 2, Katherine is seen still attending sessions with Helen, who also knows of Katherine being Miss Appear. During a session in the episode "Mad", Helen helps Katherine release her anger in a tangible way, by allowing the superhero to destroy a marble sculpture of hers.

Ben Cross - The ex-husband of Marilyn Cross, father of Katherine and Michael Cross, and surrogate father of Molly Cross. He was introduced in flashback sequences during Season 1 episode "Who You Really Are", where he is shown to be aggressive, intense, and disapproving of Katherine's homosexuality. He makes his first physical appearance on the show in the Season 2 episode "Debtor's Prison", where he visits Marilyn's home to check in on an 'amnesiac' Molly. In "Dad", he and Katherine are reunited after nearly two years. He apologizes to Katherine for the mistakes of his past, and asks her for another chance to be her dad, to which Katherine accepts. In the penultimate episode of the season, he is shot (non-fatally) by Michael, who left a message for him to tell Katherine in regards to the location of Marilyn, Molly, and Analise, who he kidnapped.

Marvin Long - A Medical Nurse and ex-boyfriend of Shadow. Marvin first appears in Season 1 episode "Even Criminals", when he saves an injured Shadow who had passed out on the sidewalk. Shadow and Marvin intermediately connect, though Shadow hides his identity from Marvin as the town serial killer, telling Marvin that his name is Billy. Over their short time together, Marvin becomes the first person that Shadow has ever become close, open, and vulnerable with. The two begin a romantic and sexual relationship, but it comes to a blow when Marvin discovers that who Shadow really is. Marvin returns in Season 2's "Life After", where Katherine runs into him, remembering the fact that he helped patch up her friend, Johnny, after Winters shot him in order to distract Katherine and free Shadow from her captivity. Katherine reveals to him that she is Miss Appear, with Marvin offering to be her private nurse for her superhero-related injuries.

Janaye Winters - The estranged wife of Dudley Winters. The two broke up after the death of her son (and Winters' step-son), who was murdered by a metafish. Their son's death led Winters down a destructive path, which Janaye explains in Season 1 episode "Not Everyone Is Who They Appear" (her first appearance). She tells Katherine that Dudley began to foster hate for metafish and that he joined league with Shadow to conduct a murder spree on Bikini Bottom metas. After Katherine confronts Winters about it, Winters later goes to see Janaye. The two get into an argument, with Janaye attempting to contact the police and turn Winters in. Winters, angered and frustrated, shoots and murders Janaye.

  • Thomas - Deceased son of Janaye, and step-son of Winters, who died at the hands of an escaped metafish convict. It is unknown if he shared the last name 'Winters' after his got married to Dudley, or if he had a different last name altogether.

Introduced in Season 2

Commissioner Whitney - The former police commissioner of the Bikini Bottom Police Department, first seen in Season 2 episode "A Better Place". Whitney is fired and replaced with Garrett Detweiler in the same episode.

Detective Garcia - A BBPD detective and partner to Katherine, first appearing in "It's Starting Again". The two had a difficult relationship during Katherine's time on the force, due to Garcia suspecting Katherine of indiscretions.

Donnie Lornes - Vivian's former campaign manager for her Mayoral race, first appearing in "It's Starting Again". He was murdered in the same episode after a shooting attempt on Vivian's life (later revealed to be Mikey Merlin as the assailant). Before his death, Donnie displayed a slightly zany, bright, cheerful personality.

Mikey Merlin / Killer M - An infamous world class professional assassin known as Killer M, who was behind the attempts on Vivian's life in early Season 2. He makes his first appearance in Season 2's "Killer M", where Miss Appear and Analise attempt to stop him from murdering Vivian. It is later revealed that Vivian was paying Merlin to stage the attempts on her life, ignoring the danger to bystanders (such as Analise, who Merlin shot). Due to Katherine's interference, Merlin is chased by the BBPD, with officer Gilbert Gutierrez finding his hideout and mistakenly shooting his wife, Jackie. Merlin blames Miss Appear for the death of Jackie (and the loss of his baby to the foster care system), and decides to plot her kidnap, which proceeds in "Dad", following him learning her secret identity from Vivian. In "Sinisters", Merlin readies to murder Katherine in a small cabin, but he stopped by her brother, Michael Cross, who kidnaps Katherine for himself. Merlin returns in the Season 3 premiere "A Good Place", having located Katherine's whereabouts during her vacation with Analise. He gets the drop on Katherine inside the beach house she is staying at, managing to poison her with a dangerous serum. Analise arrives, fighting Merlin with her newly acquired martial arts skills. Merlin gets the better of Analise, and escapes. In the "Heroes Collide" crossover event, Mikey is finally detained and arrested by efforts of Miss Appear and Team SpongeBob. The character originated on Team SpongeBob, first appearing in the show's fourth season.

Jackie Merlin - Deceased wife of Mikey Merlin, accidentally murdered by officer Gilbert Gutierrez. She was also a profession assassin, and was responsible for pulling Mikey back into such a life style after his reformation in Team SpongeBob's sixth season. The two had a child, who is now in the foster care system following the events of "Killer M".

Martin Rogers - Analise's father, first introduced in Season 2's "Every Angle". He opposes Vivian in Bikini Bottom's Mayoral Race, following the impeachment for George Coyne. Rogers wins the election by default after Vivian is revealed to have faked the multiple attempts of her own life in order to frame him for it. In the Season 3 premiere, "A Good Place", it is revealed that Rogers was shot and murdered in his office. In "Pink Arrow", a funeral is hosted for the deceased mayor, with footage later coming out that shows Vivian Coyne shooting him to his death.

Patrick Peterson / Knockout - A former grade school teacher who was fired and put on the National Sex Offenders Registry for molesting a student. He moved to Bikini Bottom where he began kidnapping and dissecting children. In Season 2's "Time Doesn't Ease Pain", Katherine and Gilbert are tasked with visiting his home and questioning him about the kidnappings. Unfortunately for the pair, Peterson (who refers to himself as Knockout), displays the ability to emit a knock out gas, which is how he had successfully kidnapped children in the first place. Peterson holds Katherine and Gilbert hostage in his own personal dungeon, and explains to them that he became curious about death after his young child was struck dead in a hit-and-run accident years ago. Peterson then reveals his intention to dissect Katherine and Gilbert, but Katherine uses her invisibility powers to get the upper hand on him, leading to Peterson's arrest. In Season 3's "State v. Coyne", Peterson is freed from a F.I.N prison by Claudia Khan, who had shape shifted into an innocent agent in order to pull off the release. Peterson then makes his way to Gilbert's home, where he kidnaps Katherine - presumably for Claudia's purposes.

Sabrina Castillo - A hacker and friend of Johnny's in New Coral, first appearing in "Sinisters". She also designed Katherine, Johnny, and Analise's super-suits. She was a main character on Captain Magma.

Trevor - A young self-proclaimed up and coming scientist living in New Coral, first appearing in "Sinisters" He and Sebastian Slug created a dangerous serum together that Sebastian secretly took for himself. The instability of the serum turned Sebastian into the Sinister Slug - a mindless beast. Trevor appears again in Season 3's "Pink Arrow", where he designs a 'cure' for Slug.

Sebastian Slug / Sinister Slug - A man who became a mindless beast after taking an experimental serum. First appears in "Sinisters". He later returns in Season 3's "Pink Arrow", where he runs loose in Bikini Bottom in search for Analise Rogers, who was responsible for his capture the first time around. He is defeated by the forces of Miss Appear and the Pink Arrow, who injects a 'cure' (invented by Trevor) into his bloodstream.

Laura Montgomery - Introduced in the closing moments of "Katherine Cross" where she attempts to tell Vivian something. In the Season 3 premiere, "A Good Place", she reveals to Vivian that Shadow was switched at birth with Vivian's biological son, Marshall.

Introduced in Season 3

Master Udon - First appearing in "A Good Place", Udon is a martial arts instructor who trains Analise. He has also claimed to have mentored Sandy Cheeks.

Pearl Krabs / Pink Arrow - A retired superhero who was formerly a part of Team SpongeBob. After leaving the team, she returned to her home town of Bikini Bottom, living with her dad, Eugene Krabs. During the Heroes Collide crossover event, Pearl suits back up to fend off Bikini Bottom from a mindless beast called Sinister Slug. She eventually teams up with Miss Appear to bring an end to the beast's hunt for Analise. She later returns to Karate Island to rejoin Team SpongeBob.

Mr. Eugene Krabs - Adoptive father of Pearl Krabs and owner of The Krusty Krab. During the Heroes Collide crossover event, he was kidnapped by a supervillian named Silverstorm.

Marshall Montgomery / Crossfade - The legal son of Laura Montgomery and biological son of Vivian Coyne. As an infant, Marshall was switched at birth with Billy Coyne, an incident that went unnoticed until 22 years later. Marshall first appears in "Nature or Nurture" where he first meets Vivian. He reveals to Vivian that he is a metafish with the ability to become intangible, and questions her about whether super powers run in their family lineage. He also meets George, his biological father in "State v. Coyne". Later in the season, he helps Analise rescue Katherine after she was held captive in Claudia Khan's basement. Very interested in heroics and following his cousin's footsteps, he assumes the codename Crossfade. By Season 4, Marshall leaves Bikini Bottom off-screen to join the Knights - a team of dimension travelling superheroes. He and his group return to assist Team Appear and The Quickster against a hostile alien species in the Crisis of the Jelliens crossover.

Elvic Malloy - A man with the ability to tear open holes in time. He was released from a F.I.N prison by Claudia Khan, as she used him to kidnap a young Shadow from the past. He turns himself in, and eventually helps return Shadow back to the past.

Introduced in Season 4

Daniel Howell / Dirty Dan - A former kingpin and the most dangerous gang leader in history. Known as Dirty Dan, he managed to become high on the FBI's most wanted list. In Season 4, sightings are reported of him in Bikini Botton. Miss Appear, Barnacle Boy, and The Sightress begin a search for him, which leads them to some docks within the city. Katherine comes face to face with him, where he admits the reason that he's in the city is somehow related to Katherine.

Spin - A metafish with the ability to incite dizziness within the minds of others. He appears to be working with Dirty Dan.

Pinhead Larry - A metafish with super strength and Dirty Dan's right hand man. His strength is formidable enough to rival the effects of Bonnie's Clam Cry device.

April - A young woman that Katherine meets at a lesbian bar in "Tattletale". April rides a motorcycle and appears to have an easygoing attitude. She and Katherine begin dating at the end of the episode, much to Analise's jealousy.

Mac Robinson / Tattletale Strangler - A criminal who strangles people that have "snitched" on him. In the past, he was reported by his then-girlfriend for robbing her grandfather's store, which led him to attempt to strangle her. With the police near, Mac went on the run. It is revealed that he is the person who murdered Detweiler's late wife, Julia, after she reported a sighting of him. Detweiler comes face to face with him at the end of episode, almost killing him in cold blood. Detweiler resists temptation, however, and he is knocked out by The Sightress.

Peter Chang / The Quickster - A speedster superhero from New Kelp City, first appearing in "Crisis of the Jelliens". Team Appear seeks him out for help after three Jelliens kidnap Analise. The character originated on The Quickster.

Debbie Rechid / Universal Guardian - First appearing in "Crisis of the Jelliens", Debbie is the Universal Guardian of Earth, who has incredible powers. She is a member of The Kngihts, a team of dimension-travelling heroes that Marshall joined up with. The character originated on Team SpongeBob and Knights of the Multiverse.

Sandy Cheeks / Red Widow - First mentioned in the Season 3 premiere, where she is cited as one of the people Master Udon has trained. Sandy makes her first appearance in Season 4's "Crisis of the Jelliens", arriving in New Kelp City with the rest of The Knights (of whom she is Captain) to help Miss Appear and The Quickster with the impending alien threat. The character originated on Team SpongeBob and Knights of the Multiverse, where she is a main character.

Tammie Hernandez / Boom - A supervillian in New Kelp City and enemy of The Quickster's. She originated on The Quickster.

Tomoya Chrome / Cold Reef - A superhero with cold abilities and member of The Knights. He is a main character on Knights of the Multiverse.

Melondy Dime / Lady Quick - A speedster superhero and member of The Knights. She is good friends with Peter Chang. She is a main character on Knights of the Multiverse.

Madison Landers - A teenage girl from an alternate universe, who is a guardian of the dimension known as Karmania. She is main character on Mystic Guardians.

Jake Landers - A teenage boy from an alternate universe, who is a knight for the dimension known as Karmania. He is also Madison's brother. He is a main character on Mystic Guardians.

Cynthia - A teenage girl from an alternate universe, who is a guardian of the dimension known as Karmania. She is main character on Mystic Guardians.

Tori - A teenage girl from an alternate universe, who is a guardian of the dimension known as Karmania. She is main character on Mystic Guardians.

Audrey - A teenage girl from an alternate universe, who is a guardian of the dimension known as Karmania. She is main character on Mystic Guardians.

Zero - A man from an alternate universe, who is a knight for the dimension known as Karmania. He is a main character on Mystic Guardians.

Trent - A teenage boy from an alternate universe, who is a knight for the dimension known as Karmania. He is a main character on Mystic Guardians.

Cameron - A young man from an alternate universe, who is a knight for the dimension known as Karmania. He is a main character on Mystic Guardians.

Nick - A young man from an alternate universe, who is a knight for the dimension known as Karmania. Nick is prone to rambling, and states that he "runs on coffee". He is a main character on Mystic Guardians.

Ranen - A man from an alternate universe, who calls in the guardians and knights of Karmania after spotting the Skyripper crash land near his base.

The Jelliens - An alien race of militaristic beings, who declare a takeover of Earth. Named characters include Queen Liza, Jarvix, Stella, and Gillard.

Seid / Quickseid - Mortal enemy of The Quickster's and current antagonist to The Knights. Seid reveals in a video transmission to the heroes that he partnered with the Jelliens, being the one to point them in Earth's direction. The character originated on The Quickster and also currently appears on Knight of the Multiverse.