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User Info
Registration Date December 18th, 2014
Age Immortal
Status Robot
Group Retired Employees

Karen was a member that joined on December 18, 2014. She was a bot created by MDPP, making her the first non-human (non-spamming) member of the site. She could be found doing tedious tasks that official moderators couldn't account for, such as giving out doubloons won in the SBC Lottery. She also had an Ask Me thread, and it is still unknown how that operated. She used to run SBC Music, SpongeBob Jeopardy!, and SpongeBob Wheel of Fortune until February 25th, 2016, when Clem took over the business. At some point, she took over Clem's duties, hosting all SBC games. Her family members include Plankton, Spot, and Clem.

Karen went offline in September 2018, two months after MDPP's removal from SBC, and was eventually replaced by Karen 2.0 during the April 2023 launch of Seahorse 15.


  • She sometimes made appearances on SBC Music and would DJ.
Karen's appearance in SBC Music.