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Bob_Ball is famous for speaking his mind and not being afraid of what others thought. This gave him a lot of respect in some aspects and a lot of hate in others. He joined in June 2008. He was the host of everything involving Spin-Offs in the Spongebob forum before he left. He not only gave a lot of critical reviews, but managed News About Shows and Spin-Off TV. He is most famous for hosting The Spinnys and he always did an excellent job with it, showing absolutely no biasism at all. He did create two Spin-Offs himself: MC Survivor: Kelp Forest and Starfish Crossing, a very original series. He is also the cousin of Clapmaster.


Bob_Ball left after a very strange incident. He called out Rock_Goddess, a user who Bob_Ball stated was not who she claimed to be. He was right. Because of this, RG immediately left the site leaving nothing but a note on his bio. RG had created a large variety of different accounts and fooled everyone. He even claimed to have siblings and created two accounts to cheat on the Best Episode Ever Contest in the Spongebob forums, the prime reason why Bob_Ball called him out in the first place. But after this, all of Rock_Goddess's friends, sent hate PM's to Bob_Ball, making him want to leave the site. He sent one last blog to let everyone know, but was encouraged by certain posts to at least come back every so often. And he still does. However, he returned in January 2010 with a new blog saying he was leaving for good this time. Of course, he wished everyone good luck and hopes they have a future on

Full Story: Rock Goddess Incident


But....Bob Ball later returned during the Summer SB Forum Attack of 2010. Along with that, he came to the Spongebob xat. He also joined SBC. He later left in August 2010, as Clappy said he was travelling the country.

As of 2012, he returned on the XAT first thought to be a troll named bobby but later revealed himself to be Bob Ball. It was later revealed that this Bob Ball was a fake, being impersonated by Lurker.