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Jjs Goodman

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(Credit to sbl for the logo and credit to DG for coining the event name)

Our first event of 2024 will be taking you down beneath the surface. This will be an underground and Minecraft themed event, promoting our feature SpongeCraft Frontiers. The event will run from February 16th to February 29th. SpongeCraft Frontiers will receive a new map during the event to celebrate. However, if you don't play SpongeCraft, there will still be other activities to partake in. Here's a list of activities to expect:

  • SpongeCraft Frontiers Games: SpongeCraft games will be held on both Saturday nights at 8pm EST. The first will be a building contest and the second will be an arena tournament.
  • SpongeCraft Frontiers Tasks: There will be several side activities for you to find and complete in SpongeCraft Frontiers. Completing them all will reward you with cool treasures!
  • Cards Against Humanity: Cards Against Humanity games will be held on both Friday nights at 7pm EST!
  • Turntable Parties: Play songs on both Friday nights and win raffle prizes!
  • SpongeBob Pictionary: Pictionary will be held on both Saturday nights, with the themes of Rocks and SpongeCraft!
  • Jackbox: Jackbox games will be held on Discord both Monday nights!
  • Kahoot: One Kahoot game will be held on February 21st, which will be a mix of SpongeBob and Minecraft questions.
  • Discord Activity: A Discord Activity will be held on February 28th.
  • Minigames: There will be two forum minigames for you to dig for treasure: Rock Smash and Drill Digger!

Get your pickaxe and shovels ready to dig! 

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