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March 2023 Premieres

Jjs Goodman

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SpongeBob SquarePants:

Friday, March 10th:

7:00pm EST: Ma and Pa's Big Hurrah (283A): When SpongeBob's parents come to visit, their thirst for thrills comes as a big surprise.

Friday, March 17th:

7:00pm EST: Yellow Pavement (283B): You'll learn all you need to get your boating license in this educational driving film.

Friday, March 24th:

7:00pm EST: The Flower Plot (284A): The Chum Bucket is replaced by a flower shop with a charming new owner.

The Patrick Star Show:

Friday, March 3rd:

7:00pm EST: House Hunting (16B): The Star family house runs away from home.

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