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Snowman Hunt 2022

Jjs Goodman

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It’s that time of the year again, for our annual holiday hunt. There are 6 snowmen missing. You must locate where they are and either PM me here or DM me on Discord all six once you've found them. If you complete this deed, you'll earn yourself a VIP spot on Santa's nice list, along with a few festive goodies:

  • 500 doubloons
  • 200 experience points
  • Squidward Claus Collectable:



Snowman 1: This snowman can be found on SpongeBob's trek to the North pole.

Snowman 2: This snowman can be found hidden beside a dark secret in the Krusty Krab's freezer.

Snowman 3: This snowman can be found in a truly cool club.

Snowman 4: This snowman can be found chilling with a former elf.

Snowman 5: This snowman can be found with users' gifts from last year.

Snowman 6: This snowman can be found by turning the clock back to a decade go, where a trivia tradition began.

You can ask me in private for 2 additional hints per snowman. You have until December 28th at 7pm EST to find them.




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