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Let's talk about giraffes.


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*ahem*, Giraffes.



That's better.


For the 3 or so people that don't know at this point, I like giraffes. In fact, giraffes are one of my favorite animals. And they should be one of your favorite animals too if you have any good tastes at all. If it's the case that you don't care for giraffes, hopefully this thread will change your mind, because that's factually a wrong opinion.



The first thing to take note of about giraffes is how freaking long their necks are. Look at my guy over here; that neck is so long that it can literally bend into an arch and the head and body are still a good distance apart. Incredible.



Another good bendy neck picture here, but it appears this one's dozed off. Giraffes actually don't need to lay down to sleep by the way, they can do it just fine standing up. No rest (sitting down) for the wicked.



Thankfully, the myth that "giraffes are heartless creatures" is not true, as proved by this image. It melts my god damn heart.


I hope this gives you some food for thought on why giraffes are such bros and should be treated with respect. Feel free to find some pictures of your own and post them here; who knows, maybe I will assess them with you!

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