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SOF's 10 Year SBC Anniversary Thread


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Alright, so as part of my 10 year celebration, and i think it's time to reveal my top 10 personal favorite SBC events.



10. Octerror Fest 2011

I actualy remember this event back then, and this is SBC's very first annual autumn event. it was one of unique name for this event. I remember how Spongeygirl made this banner and post icons. Though, this was also the only event that can be only appears in vBulltin era. there wasn't that much footage except this one:


As you can see, this was only thing that was taken from Oct 2011. I would consider this to be nostagia since this is 1st SBC event that was popular at the time, and thus became one of major annual events.


9. The Golden Ticket Race

Speaking of v7, this was something I've remember this one, it was a contest where users has to find golden ticket. There were 5 users who obtained it, andwhat was the prize? an early access to v7 which was SBC moving to vBulletin forum software. There isn't much to say except this is cool event to attend.


8. Countdown to Orca

I remember this event that happened on June 14, 2012 it was one of largest XAT party on that night. and it was also most attendance ever held, and it was sucessful. this feel nostagic to me because it has XAT Games which was held on the same night. While it had tons of fun,  this event to celebrate the release one of major upgrade to SBC forum software: Invion Power Suite (or IPB). this also include the launch of v8 Orca. This would always being one of my favorite SBC event personally.

But yeah, this was such fun event that we had in XAT.


7. The Golden Community Awards

This ws fun event i liked, the GCA's are great way to honor the users, SO/Lits and HOF sections. These are the times we voted on what you want, and the winners would get cool graphics sigs. There isn't much to say, but i'n glad this is awesome way to end of each year.


6. Spin-Off Festival

in 2010, When Spin-Off/Lts were extremely active at the time, tvguy came up the idea to celebrate with SO/Lits in general called Spin-Off Festival based on SDCC. it was very popular as of today. I honestly think this is one of my favorite SBC event because it has one of the kind where it's the event were solely focused on Spin-Off/Lit in general.  in 2015, SOF Tickets were introduced for this festival, and it was huge hit though. I really like this kind of event.


5. Customer Apperication Day

this one was one day event which was dedicated to users' of SBC that staff felt like that users should be deserved. this was an event for saying thank you for being luyal and how we've been part of this community. For me, i was the one who won SBC trivia on that day, and this is still one of my favorite SBC event.


4. March Madness

I remember back in 2013 at one point jjs & i came up the idea of March Madness since I was suggesting by having XAT Games 4 which both of us ended it up creating new event focusing on teams. That even was huge sucess. I did coined the name though which was cool way to kick off SBC spring event. But yeah, it was one of best events that i liked personally.


3. Stop What You Are Doing (SWYAD)

I remember when Drag created this event back in 2010, it was one of hilarious event where we would change our username/avi to anything that related to theme like Pokemon. My personal favorite would be Halloween them which is where i started with Dracula Phineas for every Octerror Fest since 2012. I had fun with it, so i can't wait for more.



2. SBC's 10th Year Anniverasry

Man, i honestly really liked this event. it was very huge event we had. It was one of largest SBC event ever to be held, and there was tons of events that month. I'm very glad to be part of history with all these things that happened over the years. it was also  last SB Jeopardy game in that month. I was amazed how we made it through. it will be always being my favorite moment on SBC. Who know we'll make it to 20 years? Time will tell.



1. Octerror Fest 2012

this is one of nostalgia event to me personally because it has the longest OF event, my first Halloween name/avtar debut, and this is their 1st team event overall. I remember how the skin was really spooky & cool. the fact this event was in IPB era and it had special thing like XAT screening, Jeopardy & Roblox. One thing i choose as my personal favorite even is because how active it was. So yeah, this is one of my favorite event of all time.


Overall, SBC has lot of great events that has some of the events were unique, some are one-off events and some of it are annual events. 


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