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Hawk's 2020 Takes: Meet Mike Gravel (#GravelGang)


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At 88, Mike Gravel is a bit of an unusual candidate for this upcoming election cycle. Long ago, he was a Senator from Alaska (1969-1981), and today, we might consider him the intellectual forerunner to Tulsi Gabbard and her brand of anti-interventionism. Before losing re-election, he was a very outspoken critic of the Vietnam War, and sent shockwaves in 1971 when he publicized a huge portion of the Pentagon Papers by reading them in a congressional committee hearing, thus putting them into the permanent public record.

Then he ran for president in 2008, sharing the stage with Obama, Hillary, Joe Biden, and others. What happened then truly has to be seen to be believed.

Now, a group of teenage Chapo Trap House fans have gotten him to run once again in 2020 (and they run his Twitter account as well), with a peculiar catch: Gravel and his team have no intention of winning the nomination. Instead, they want to get him onto the Democratic debate stage, and let him once again rip American foreign policy and corruption. Once the debates are over, he'll drop out of the race, and (probably) endorse Bernie Sanders for the actual nomination.

To get into the first debate requires a candidate to have 65,000 people donate to them, so if you want to see Mike Gravel and Company tear up the Democratic field this election cycle, go here to donate! Since the focus here is on how many people donate rather than how much, you can give however much you want; whatever's left after all of the campaign's expenses are paid off will go to helping get clean water back in Flint, Michigan.

Also, join the official Gravel campaign Discord here! Some of his campaign staff are on the server, and it's growing quite well.


In short:

Spent a buck on a campaign
My friends love do the same
I found a dude, and I love his name
We don't want more of the same
Rather go and play this game
Gravel Gang, Gravel Gang, Gravel Gang

i'm sorry but also not sorry for that

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