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Hawk's 2020 Takes: Meet Andrew Yang


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Here's someone I introduced the folks on Discord to already. Andrew Yang is an entrepeneur (he's founded a nonprofit fellowship called Venture for America) running in the Democratic primary for President, and he's my new favorite in terms of policy. He's thinking decades ahead of every other politician in terms of what issues he puts front and center. Yang's very comprehensive policy platform focuses on three main issues:

  • Universal basic income (UBI), or the "Freedom Dividend": With no strings attached, every US citizen would receive $1,000 a month from the government. The main reason for this is the creeping automation of jobs around the country, which ends up putting many people into unemployment through no fault of their own.
  • Single-payer healthcare/Medicare for All: If you're tuned into politics, you've probably heard about this already. As it stands right now, our healthcare system in America is a disaster. It's run by insurance companies that don't care to do much more than make a profit, even if it means letting people die. This problem doesn't exist in the rest of the developed world, where countries have implemented some form of single-payer healthcare. "Medicare for All" is the most popular proposal to implement single-payer healthcare in America. It involves expanding Medicare, the health insurance program provided to senior citizens, to be accessed by all US citizens. It would save us money, and likely give us better health outcomes as well.
  • Human-centered capitalism: Put simply, this is all about making the economy and corporations serve the people rather than just their own interests. This is a collection of policies, including: measuring economic success by the state of working people rather than the state of corporations (as we do now, with statistics such as the GDP and the stock market); appointing overseers with integrity to regulate the economy; and incentivize people to find new ways of raising our standards of living.

Some of his other positions include, but are definitely not limited to:


In short, Andrew Yang is what Trump pretends to be: an entrepeneur with great ideas for improving America, and who can run it like an efficient business. Even though his campaign is a long shot, Yang should be allowed to participate in the 2020 Democratic primary and its debates. If you agree, head over to Change.org and sign this petition.

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