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I've now completed the first episode of AfterXat, which I'll be making public as a treat to all of the lit's fans. The next four episodes will be sent all at once to those of you who purchased it in my store sometime during the next week, and obviously anybody else who's interested in reading the rest of the lit can purchase it there, too.


Episode 1

(CF's dad is sleeping in his prison cell when he's awoken by a knock. He makes out one of the prison officers between the cell bars.)

Officer: You have a visitor.

CF's dad: This late?

(The officer shrugs and unlocks the cell, handcuffing CF's dad and taking him to the visiting area. When CF's dad sees who's on the other side of the glass screen, his heart nearly stops.)

CF: Hi, dad.

CF's dad: I-it's you!

CF: Yeah, sorry for not visiting before today. I had to get over hating your guts and everything.

CF's dad: (shakes head) It's fine. I'm just happy you're alive.

CF: So...how long are you in for?

CF's dad: 20 years with good behavior. I burned a lot of bridges trying to get you back, and I lost you anyway.

CF: Hey, I'm here, aren't I?

CF's dad: Nobody persuaded you to come? Like your friend Edgar?

CF: Why would Edgar want me here?

CF's dad: (pauses) No reason.

CF: It did take a push, but I eventually would have visited you no matter what happened.

CF's dad: So you forgive me? For everything? For your mother?

CF: I don't know if I can forgive you for everything...but that doesn't mean I'll abandon you. For all your flaws, you do at least try to be a good father.

CF's dad: I wish I tried harder. If I survive this prison term, I'm coming out a changed man.

CF: I hope that's true.

Officer: Alright, time's up. Back to your cell.

(The officer takes CF's dad out of the visiting area, and CF is escorted out on her side as well.)


(ding dong)

gumby.pngSnuggyMush: hey

79iFZfs.png Flying Ace: Hi there

79iFZfs.png Flying Ace: Need help?

gumby.pngSnuggyMush: yeah

gumby.pngSnuggyMush: is it true that the fugitive four come on here?

79iFZfs.png Flying Ace: No

79iFZfs.png Flying Ace: Everything connecting this site to aliens is a lie perpetrated by the government

79iFZfs.png Flying Ace: This site was run by a great man

79iFZfs.png Flying Ace: A great human man

gumby.pngSnuggyMush: was?

gumby.pngSnuggyMush: what happened to him?

79iFZfs.png Flying Ace: A member of the Fugitive Four killed him

79iFZfs.png Flying Ace: And if I ever see him again I'm banning his ass

79iFZfs.png Flying Ace: I know it was him who told the government Xat was run by aliens

79iFZfs.png Flying Ace: And nobody uses Xat anymore because of it

gumby.pngSnuggyMush: that's a shame

gumby.pngSnuggyMush: this redesign is pretty cool

79iFZfs.png Flying Ace: yeah

79iFZfs.png Flying Ace: I haven't talked to the new owner yet but he's doing great work

gumby.pngSnuggyMush: how do you know that the old owner is really dead?

79iFZfs.png Flying Ace: I haven't seen him here in years

gumby.pngSnuggyMush: maybe he was just taking a break

(ding dong)

owner_zpszchn65o2.png&key=e61902f447721d: Hello, Ace.

79iFZfs.png Flying Ace: ...

79iFZfs.png Flying Ace: Is it really you?

owner_zpszchn65o2.png&key=e61902f447721d: Yes, it's really me

owner_zpszchn65o2.png&key=e61902f447721d: That "great human man"

79iFZfs.png Flying Ace: Wait a minute

79iFZfs.png Flying Ace: Last time I talked to you you were acting really strange

79iFZfs.png Flying Ace: And the last last time I talked to you you were John Brennan

79iFZfs.png Flying Ace: How do I know it's really you now?

owner_zpszchn65o2.png&key=e61902f447721d: Because only I would remember the shy 13-year-old boy who came in here ten years ago asking for help setting up a Xat for himself and his Runescape buddies

owner_zpszchn65o2.png&key=e61902f447721d: Only I would remember the long personal conversations you had with me about your school life, your family, that silly off-and-on thing you had with that girl

owner_zpszchn65o2.png&key=e61902f447721d: What was her name, Elizabeth?

79iFZfs.png Flying Ace: Okay

79iFZfs.png Flying Ace: I believe you

owner_zpszchn65o2.png&key=e61902f447721d: Good

owner_zpszchn65o2.png&key=e61902f447721d: Where are the other admins I appointed for this Xat?

79iFZfs.png Flying Ace: It's just me now

79iFZfs.png Flying Ace: The others never came back after the CIA took Xat down but I've always remained loyal

79iFZfs.png Flying Ace: Holding out hope that I'd see you again

owner_zpszchn65o2.png&key=e61902f447721d: Well, here I am

owner_zpszchn65o2.png&key=e61902f447721d: How is it just us two?

79iFZfs.png Flying Ace: Like I said

79iFZfs.png Flying Ace: The alien shit really hurt activity

owner_zpszchn65o2.png&key=e61902f447721d: Well, I'm hoping I can change that

79iFZfs.png Flying Ace: If anyone can do it, it's you

79iFZfs.png Flying Ace: By the way, Elizabeth and I are engaged now

owner_zpszchn65o2.png&key=e61902f447721d: Holy shit

owner_zpszchn65o2.png&key=e61902f447721d: A lot can happen in two years

79iFZfs.png Flying Ace: You're telling me

New York

(John Brennan sits down at a bar in Trump Tower. He immediately recognizes the bartender as Hayden.)

Brennan: What are you doing here?

Hayden: Serving you shit that's bad for you. What are you doing here?

Brennan: This is the only bar I could go to where I knew there wouldn't be anybody else. I had to use my credentials just to get past security.

Hayden: At least you don't have to get the daily pat-downs like me.

Brennan: Not unless I ask for one. Think you can pour me a me a few glasses of vodka?

Hayden: That's what I'm paid for.

(Hayden fills three glass cups with vodka and slides them to Brennan, who immediately downs one.)

Brennan: My wife left me, you know. Took the kids. Said she couldn't handle me keeping secrets from her anymore.

Hayden: (shakes head) I'm sorry. I mean it.

Brennan: I know. But really, why are you here?

Hayden: My new BFF Gina Haskel got me this job when I told her I couldn't get work anywhere else due to my name. I probably should have told her I hated being around alcohol, but she probably knew that.

Brennan: Aren't you a millionaire? At least that's what I saw when I tried to seize your assets.

Hayden: You didn't need to. The FBI took most of it when I couldn't explain to them where I got all of my money from. Not even Haskel could help me in that department.

Brennan: So tell me..where did you get all that money from?

Hayden: Mr. Brennan, do you believe in time travel?

(Hayden and Brennan both laugh.)

Brennan: (holds up a glass) Want a shot?

Hayden: No, I'm not much of a fan of poisoning myself.

Brennan: Suit yourself.

(Brennan drinks the second glass of vodka then the third.)

Brennan: What do I owe you?

Hayden: It's on the house.

(Brennan nods then starts to leave before turning around.)

Brennan: I want you to know that as hard as things are right now, they'll get easier.

Hayden: Do you think I'll ever not be miserable?

Brennan: (pauses) I think both of us have hit bottom, and there's nowhere to go but up.

(Brennan turns back around and leaves Trump Tower.)

Hayden: (to himself) Nowhere to go but up. How many times have I said that to myself now?


(Abney is reading through legal documents in his apartment when he hears a knock on the door.)

Abney: I'm coming!

(Abney opens the door to find a man with a ski mask standing there and pointing a gun at Abney's face.)

Abney: What do you want?

Masked man: I want you dead.

(The masked man pulls the trigger and quietly closes the door as Abney bleeds to death inside. The masked man opens an app on his phone that contains the real names of Abney, CDCB, CF, Trophy, and Hayden, respectively. He taps Abney's name, and a green check mark appears beside it.)

Masked man: One down, four to go.

(The masked man gets into a car and drives away into the darkness.)


And that's it! Sorry for the wait, but at least I have proof now that that I haven't been doing nothing for six months. The rest of the episodes should come out a lot faster. Until then, enough said, XTTrue Believers!

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