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President Squidward

Prez's Top Ten Amon Tobin Songs

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As requested by @UmbreonRDSP a week or two ago while being King Neptune for a day, I present to you my top 10 favorite songs by one of my electronic artists next to Boards of Canada and Fila Brazillia, (and recommended to by my boi @Burgerpants, Amon Tobin!!!

I will only be rating my ten favorites from LP's only. Sorry no EPs since I still haven't heard Dark Jovian and a couple singles such as Bad Sex. Lol. His album, Adventures in Foam (as aliases Cujo) will still count for this list though. Let's begin!!!



#10: Defocus (Bricolage, 1997)

Ah, my first favorite Amon Tobin song ever when Ling recommended me Bricolage back in March, even though I've grown a little tired of it after playing it a lot, I still always come back to this once in a while. And who wouldn't? This shit has a dope beat such as the fucking bass. Not my favorite on Bricolage (which we'll get to in a bit here), but it's still fucking great.


#9: Sordid (Permutation, 1998)

I'll admit, when I first listened to Permutation, I forgot a lot from it, and this track slipped by in my head. When I was watching Cartoon Network commercials, I came across a promo for the Invaded event from 2007, with a song that was catchy but sounded like I heard it before. When going through Amon tracks, it clicked with me, and I realized Permutation actually had some good shit after my recent relisten. Sordid being one of them.

This fucking song is great from beginning to end, love its atmosphere, the drumming, the beat and the eerie melody. All of it makes me come back to this over and over again.


#8: Slowly (Supermodified, 2000)

Supermodified isn't my FAVORITE album (I mean I only gave it a 6/10, lol), but this is one of my favorites from the album. One of his best jazz tracks, love the drumming, love that piano that comes in and out at the middle of the song, I love the possible singing I hear in the background (unless it's the jazz instruments that sound melodic). All in all a great track.


#7: One Day In My Garden (Bricolage, 1997)



Out of the five star tracks I gave in Bricolage, THIS would be my favorite out of them (with Defocus in second), love the drum and bass in here a lot, and how the jazz sounding like its sinking into darkness in the middle and at the end. Gives it a Happy but also dark feel, I love it.



6: Rosies (Out From Out Where, 2002)

Personally, this IS my favorite Amon Tobin Album. It stays consistent throughout and has a lot of five star tracks in here. This one being my second favorite off the album. Love the funkiness and how it gets dark with it's sound and beat, and the ROSIES sampling is also godly.

This is also the album where Amon is like "fuck the jazz" and starts to develop a darker sound as his discography continues, with this album being the best out of this new style.


#5: Golfer Versus Boxer (Supermodified, 2000)


This is my favorite track off of Supermodified. It's so dark and noisy, but I fucking love it and will listen to this in full volume. Love the haunting choir and the drumming throughout this song, and the samplings you can hear in the background like the kid that's goes "THAT'S THE WAY TO DO IT!". Also love the song title, this sounds like the appropriate music for the greatest rivalry of all time.


#4: Searchers (Out From Out Where, 2002)


This is my favorite Out From Out Where track for sure. Very dark but also very catchy, kind of trophy for me. Also love the symphonic music you hear throughout the track. Drums amazing too. Fucking wonderful.


#3: Nightlife (Permutation, 1998)


Nightlife is what won me over Sordid, sorry RD! ? 

This track starts off good, with the piano and jazz sound, then develops into Amon's greatest drum and bass track he's ever achieved, with a beautiful choir throughout the track, and ends with a blissful happy tone. So yeah, this is my favorite track off of Permutation.


#2: Kitty Cat (ISAM, 2011)


Okay, so, ISAM is a bad album and my least favorite (if you don't count the video game soundtrack he did for Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell game, Chaos Theory)... BUT this IS the only track I fucking love from this album, and ALWAYS come back to DAILY.

This is where he achieves one of his only vocal tracks (by making his voice sound like a female), but I love the lyrics and the instrumentation on this song. It's dark but very melodic, and very hypnotic too. If only the rest of this album was this good and not mediocre (and have dubstep appear out of nowhere, lol).

Before we get to #1, here's some honorable mentions that did not make the list because there can only be 10, plus they're not as good as the ones I listed:


- Chronic Tronic (Out From Out Where, 2002)

- Wires and Snakes (Bricolage, 1997)

- Fat Ass Joint (Adventures In Foam, 1996, as Cujo)

- Back From Space (Out From Out Where, 2002)

- El Cargo (Chaos Theory, 2005)

- The Method (Adventures In Foam, 1996, As Cujo)

- Yasawas (Bricolage, 1997)

- The Brazilianaire (Adventures In Foam, 1996, as Cujo)

- Reanimator (Permutation, 1998)

- Popsicle (Adventures In Foam, 1996, as Cujo)

Ladies and gentlemen... get ready for the predictable #1 pick for my favorite Amon Tobin song of all time...:


#1: Ever Falling (Foley Room, 2007)


This song has been catchy ever since I first fucking heard it in March. It's surprising too how this can be an earworm out of any of his discography, especially his older ones. Foley Room in general is a good album. Probably even my second or third. Starts off good, gets okay in the middle but then after Big Furry Head is over you get to hear this masterpiece. Then the album gets good again, thanks to this song.

Enough about Foley Room itself though, why do I love this track so much? Well, the chorus is fucking beautiful, the sudden drum and bass which changes as it goes along, with more sound added to it as it goes while the others go away. It's fucking blissful, and when the drum and bass go along with the chorus at 0:57-1:44 is the greatest thing I've ever heard Amon produce, and the best part is... it comes back again but in a shorter format, but still fucking amazing (@2:14-2:35), and the rest of the track is more mellow, but it doesn't stop there, it gets even beautiful with something that sounds like chewing, not sure though, and then a beautiful synth comes in as the chorus starts going in and out, and slowly fades while we hear a few more sounds, and thus ends the track.

I ask myself, is this song too fucking short, or is it perfect length, but honestly, I feel more of the latter. It doesn't overstay it's welcome, but it doesn't feel too short to me either. It's PERFECT LENGTH to go back to and enjoy over and over again. Thank you Amon for making this fucking song. I love Bloodstone, I love Esther's, I love Always and The Killer's Vanilla, but THIS IS WHAT MAKES FOLEY ROOM AMAZING OUT OF THE OTHERS.

And those were my top ten favorite Amon Tobin songs. Which ones do you like the best? Do you agree or disagree? Share your thoughts below! Sorry this took forever. I'm a lazy piece of shit. I still need to do Steel's Eminem request, which is coming someday.


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