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Best/Worst Work Experiences You've Had

Minty Car

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Includes jobs, volunteer work, etc.

My best experiences include the 2015 at my summer camp job (the last good/great summer of it I feel) and recent school observation which was really exciting and informative for me. Worst was undoubtedly the dog care job I had in Fall/Winter 2016 where I never got consistent work and then got thrown under the bus by management. It sucked so bad I went back to school. Volunteering for the Obama campaign in 2012 wasn't super fun, but I did get some valuable experiences from it at least. The summer job this year was rough too, but I did have awesome co workers so it did balance out.

Discuss your experiences below!

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Earlier at Winn-Dixie, we were checking out someone who had a screaming baby. Usually, I can tolerate that kind of shit but this kid was screaming at ear-piercing levels for reasons I do not know. That would probably be my worst experience for today.


Though if it counts, the McDonald's I used to work for was being shit with my hours. Good riddance to them.

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While I've never had what I would call a truly BAD work experience, there WAS one instance where an INTERESTING work experience that happened when I worked part-time at a Bob's Big Boy Restaurant as a bus-boy (when there WAS one in my town). In the early evening hours of a Saturday in December 2010, I was getting close to finishing up my shift, when all of the sudden, all my female co-workers zoomed over to the windows looking at the street running past the restaurant. I soon found out why; there was a fully-grown, adult man walking completely BUTT-naked down the street! o.o If THAT wasn't unusual enough, three FULL cop cars went AFTER him! You KNOW you have a SLOW crime rate in town when THREE cop cars go out of there way, just to arrest a naked man! :rolleyes: Otherwise, all of my other work experiences have been good, and went without any major incident. Enough said!

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Oh yeah, any instance where I hear "Crazy" by Gnarls Barkley in Publix can be a great work experience because I always end up working better and faster and sing well whenever I hear it.



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