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Ghost Rider

Whodunnit?: The Reveal

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Time's up. As a reminder, here's the plot:


One day, many Bottomites were relaxing at Goo Lagoon. Larry had created the best energy drink ever, which he was going to drink after a weight lift-off at Mussel Beach. Sandy and Don the Whale were his competition during the weight lift-off. As for everyone else? SpongeBob and Patrick were running around on the beach, playing games. Squidward was trying to relax on his towel and get a nice tan. Scooter was surfing and catching some waves. Plankton was annoying people, trying to advertise the Chum Bucket at Goo Lagoon. Lastly, Craig Mammalton was showing off, trying to get people to tan like him. After the weight lift-off is over, Larry sees his energy drink is missing! The only evidence is a dropped ice cream cone. Who could have done such a heinous act!?

As Larry's private detective, your job is to figure out who stole his energy drink. You are given three hints by your trusty Magic Conch Shell: it is someone who was at Goo Lagoon, it was someone who talked to Larry at least once, and the person had ice cream. You have until the end of the month to figure out who did it, to which a reward will be waiting for you. 

The culprit was none other than...


PATRICK! :o Here was his motivation:


After playing sand tag with SpongeBob, Patrick got super thirsty, and the ice cream wasn't enough. So Patrick looked around for something to drink, ultimately finding Larry's energy drink while the competition was going on. He drank it without knowing what it was.


Here is who got it right...


Everyone did. 4EverGreen and LocalAquatic won for the Independents, giving them 2 points. Trophy, Fred, NegiSpongie, Honest Slug, Halibut, JCM, sbl and Wintermelon won for the Band Geeks, giving them 8 points. Lastly, Hayden, Homie, OWM, CakeCup, OBAB, magic, SOF and Darkness won for the Drasticals, giving them 8 points.

Thanks to all who participated. Now, some words from our culprit...

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