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SOF Tickets Guide

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Spin-Off Festival Tickets, or SOF Tickets for short, are an exclusive currency that can only be obtained through this event. Here is what they look like this year:


They can be obtained by winning games and doing other activities throughout Spin-Off Festival 8. You can spend them at the Prize Store (a new store in the Store page) to earn rare prizes. The main events will give you them, but there are a few minor games made by staff (and even members if possible) that'll offer SOF Tickets as well. You can find how many you have in your posts, right under your badges and doubloons. There are also several other new ways to earn them this year.

Ways to earn SOF Tickets:

  • Post a new chapter of any spin-off and/or literature of yours during the event, and this gives you 20 SOF Tickets (Warning: no spam though, we'll keep a close eye; if you spam post chapters we won't give you any).
  • Win events such as Jeopardy, Spin-Off & Literature Trivia, Wheel of Fortune, SpongeCraft, Dunces & Dragons, etc. during Spin-Off Festival 8. Don't panic if you can't win them though, because: Whoever reaches the Top 5 spots of any event will receive SOF Tickets, not just first place. :squilliam2:
  • Ask questions in SpongeBob Whodunnit?, which gives you 5 Tickets. Successfully guessing the culprit will also give you 500 Tickets. (note: this will be coming soon)
  • Compete in mini-games in Glove Universe Rides.
  • Win the Lottery during SOF 8 (you get 400 tickets).
  • Have them as a currency in your Glove Universe Market store. (might be a tricky way though, but hey, you're welcome to try if you're daring)
  • Have your spin-off/lit come in the top 10 for the SpongeBoard lists during SOF 8 (this will earn you 25 tickets).
  • Participate in the SWYAD (gives you 25 tickets).
  • You can trade your doubloons to get SOF Tickets. More on that here.
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