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Dr. Dark

Community Deathmatch: Emoticon Live!

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The following you are about to witness is a work of total fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are either the products of the creator's imagination or used fictitiously. Any resemblance to any actual events or locales is not entirely coincidental. This program doesn't reflect the views or opinions of any person portrayed herein... Anyway, it's just emotes!

Emoticon Live! #1 (Part One): Who knows if this will continue or not

Our very first episode of the OMJflix-exclusive "Emoticon Live" opens up to Karen standing by in the middle of the ring.

Karen: Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce to you a gift from the ssj gods. He is the manager and sole proprietor of OMJflix's first exclusive series, Emoticon Live! He is the president of Industrial Illusions and creator of the hit trading card game, Duel Monsters! Please put your hands together for Maximillion Peeeeeeegasuuuuus!



The crowd goes into a frenzy at the first sighting of Maximillion Pegasus in god knows how long cuz not too many people uses his emotes, and in the Deathmatch Arena, no less.

Pegasus: Why hello there, my honored guests, and welcome to the show that will put your favorite emoticons to the test! These adorable animations will lay their lives on the line, in a winner take all duel of all time!


Pegasus: 8 of SBC's finest emoticons shall fight to the death until only 1 reigns supreme! Tonight, two fatal four way matches will take place to determine the two emotes most qualified to battle for the title of Best Emote! And unlike SBC's Next Top Emoticon, I have foreseen that a winner WILL be crowned! So without any further ado, let the games commence! Send out my first competitor!



OMJ: You have got to be kidding me! Folks, I foreshadowed it once before, the emoticons have taken over the Deathmatch Arena! And the first emoticon to join the active Emoticon Live roster is none other than Nuggets in emote form! What a huge acquisition on Pegasus' part! My name is Old Man Jenkins, and joining me is none other than the innovator of emotes! Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce to you in Deathmatch form, 4EverGreen!

4EverGreen: Let ME tell YOU something, Old Man! I, and all the true believers, would've MUCH rather PREFERRED to see my character in more of a GOOD GUY role, believer! :rolleyes: I can AMOUNT to so MUCH more than just a ONE note character, believer! This is TYPECASTING, believer! The believers are gonna be running WILD over this one, believer! Enough said! :salute:

OMJ: I actually think this is rather poetic, 4EG, taking into account the very brief beef between your lit, Total Cartoon Island, and Community Deathmatch. I'm glad we've both grown so much past that since then, enough to put water under the bridge to help bring more life into these emotes! Yep, those were the days! Back when most people here used to at least pretend that they cared enough about Deathmatch that they'd actually go to bat for it against the likes of you.

4EG: LET me TELL you something, Old Man! These believers, they don't UNDERSTAND what a SATIRE is, believer! Roll your EYES and friend request GOOGLE, believer! Enough SAID, true believers!

OMJ: Nuggets, making his official Community Deathmatch return here as a newly minted member of the Emoticon Live roster. A former SBC Director-in-Chief, Nuggets brings with him plenty of experience both in public and behind the scenes!

4EG: Don't FORGET that he's also GOT jokes! Or rather, his definition of a JOKE, anyway! :rolleyes:

OMJ: Yes, he was indeed one of the masterminds behind the ill-fated "Hack-E-Sack" prank of 2013, and with that, he managed to kill both the activity as well as the spirit of an entire community for quite a bit time following that fateful day. Will he somehow employ similar, rather proven tactics into his Deathmatch game?

4EG: I GUESS we'll GET our answer TONIGHT! :rolleyes:



OMJ: Here he is, folks, my personal pick to win this match, and the whole fucking she-bang for that matter! and I'm not just saying that because this is an emote that I lobbied for. Ladies and gentlemen, it's Bruh!

4EG: That's NOT conceited at ALL! :rolleyes:

OMJ: Bruh has been a bit of an underground hit with the community, if I do say so myself. I mean he gets used way more often than Nuggets does, so yeah. There you have it.



4EG: You KNOW em, you LOVE em, he DOUBLES as an OFFICIAL reaction here on SBC, true believers! The ONLY emote on THE Emoticon Live roster to have THAT distinct honor, in FACT! Whatcha GONNA do, believers, when Planky poo #2 is USED to react to YOU?!


Plankton2: Yay! :plankton2: Yay! :plankton2 Yay! :plankton2: Yay! :plankton2: Yay! :plankton2: Yay! :plankton2:

OMJ: Some might even be as bold to say that Plankton2 is the popular choice to win the title of Best Emote! He's got a lot of potential, he's got plenty of uses, will he put that all to good use here tonight?!



OMJ: Perhaps one of the most sketch emotes to be used on the entire Emoticon Live roster. Smirk brings with him a stigma, a stigma that has stuck with him since the year 2013! A very mixed bag of a year SBC-wise to most of the member base, and this emote is the poster boy for all that happened throughout that year! Smirk hasn't been of much use to anybody since, having since been replaced by the likes of Laugh and Funny and you know as well as I that underneath that smirk on his face is an emote that's been jilted and scorned. You can be damn sure that that smirk is also hiding a plan up his sleeve, something he knows that we don't! The master mind gamer of the Emoticon Live roster is here! Will it be enough to win him the title that many think he doesn't deserve?!

4EG: He's GONNA have to do A LOT to make a BELIEVER outta me, believer! Enough said! :salute:

OMJ: Officiating tonight's featured bout will be none other than SBC server and referee, Clem!

The four emotes each stand by in their respective corners of the ring, waiting for the bell to be rung.

Clem: Alright, I want a good, clean fight! The first emote to make a kill will be declared the winner! Any last requests?

Nuggets: :NUGGETS:

Bruh: :bruh:

Plankton2: :plankton2:

Smirk: :smirk:

Clem: Well then LET'S GET IT ON!

Clem calls for the bell as the four emotes meet up in the middle of the ring in circle. They proceed to size each other up, each choosing to make their next move carefully. Smirk grabs Plankton2 by the arm and throws him into Nuggets, causing them crack head with each other. Bruh is taken a bit surprised, leaving him open for a leg lariat right to the head from Smirk. Plankton2 quickly tries to put pressure on Smirk as retaliation for that underhanded tactic and takes Smirk down with an arm drag. Before Plankton2 can celebrate and capitalize, Nuggets comes in with a huge right hand


Nuggets goes for a standing moonsault, but Plankton2 manages to get a foot up, causing Nuggets' face to splash right into it. With Nuggets stunned, Plankton2 wraps his arm around Nuggets' head and flips backwards for a quick Maximum Overdrive.


But before Plankto2 could make the full rotation, he is caught in midair by Bruh, who proceeds to drive Plankton2's gut right onto his knee and breaking up the Maximum Overdrive.

OMJ: Bruh, managing to recuperate from Smirk's leg lariat fast enough to save Nuggets from what could've been a fatal Maximum Overdrive courtesy of Plankton2!

4EG: I GUESS that emote IS good for something! :rolleyes:

Bruh attempts to hit an enzuigiri kick on Nuggets, who manages to duck it and brings Bruh down with a headscissors takedown. The momentum of the move forces Bruh into Smirk. Bruh manages to wrap his legs around Smirk's head as he proceeds to take him down now with a hurricanrana


But before Smirk could make the full rotation, Smirk manages to halt his momentum dead in his tracks, leaving Bruh hanging upside down.

Bruh: :bruh:

Smirk: :smirk:

Smirk hoists Bruh back up into the air for a huge powerbomb, planting Bruh back down hard right over his knees.

OMJ: What an insane sequence of maneuvers that I really hope translated well in written format just now!

4EG: Perhaps if IT were in a WALL of text, you WOULD be able to GET it ACROSS better! :rolleyes:


As Bruh rolls off in pain, Plankton2 springboards off the top rope and lands right on top of Smirk with a 450 splash.


Smirk grabs his ribs and spits up some blood as Plankton2 yays along with the crowd.

Plankton2: Yay! :plankton2: Yay! :plankton2: Yay! :plankton2: Yay! :plankton2: tSBQ8M.gif

Crowd: Yay! :plankton2: Yay! :plankton2: Yay! :plankton2: Yay! :plankton2: Yay! :plankton2: Yay! :plankton2:

OMJ: Plankton2 is celebrating already, but could it be a bit premature?!

Nuggets comes back in, looking to cut Plankton2's celebration short. 

4EG: SURE looks like IT! :rolleyes:

They charge at each other with Nuggets being the one to lure Plankton2 in for a fully engaged Spanish Fly.


OMJ: Flyer than the highest kite, Nuggets rains on Plankton2's parade with a big time Spanish Fly on the fly!

Bruh rushes in to surprise Nuggets with a shining wizard, but Nugs manages to dodge roll out of harms way and allowing Smirk to take the brunt of the attack.


Bruh holds his back as he gets back up to his feet, still reeling from the knees that Smirk gave him earlier. As Bruh is too taken away by the pain, Nuggets approaches him from behind, signing Bruh up for something huge.

Nuggets: :NUGGETS:

 Nuggets proceeds to pull Bruh up into a Privilege Check.


Slamming and bending back over Nuggets' knees, Bruh is damn near broken in half from the impact.

OMJ: Dear Neptune below, Nuggets making damn sure that Bruh's privilege has been thoroughly checked! This is a move that he's been saving up for the likes of Todd Phillips, DS Guy and Renegade!

4EG: Well then HE'LL just have to get through ME first in ORDER to get to RENEGADE! Enough said! :salute:

Smirk comes back in with a thunderous leg lariat to the back of Nuggets' head, knocking him out of the ring. Plankton2 is back on the ring apron, looking to springboard off for another big high risk maneuver, but Smirk picks Bruh up and uses him as a battering ram, throwing him right into Plankton2 right as he springs onto the ropes, knocking the yay movement off and causing him to take a scary spill out onto the arena floor.

OMJ: Plankton2 was looking to go high risk, but Smirk manages to telegraph it just in time to make Plankton2 pay dearly for that risk he took!

Bruh: :bruh:

4EG: Bruh is looking on in utter DISBELIEF at what Smirk JUST made him DO!

OMJ: That fall very well could've killed Plankton2! Perhaps he's taking a better look to see if that's very much the case. Since he was the last competitor to make contact with Plankton2, the win would in turn be rewarded to him!

Smirk: :smirk:

Smirk takes a stunned Bruh by surprise, pulling him into the fabled Banning Hammer!


OMJ: Oh my god! That was The Banning Hammer! The motherfucking Banning Hammer!! A move that hasn't ever been executed in a Deathmatch episode, let alone even mentioned, until this very moment! The Burning Hammer is a move that can legitimately take lives in real life, so much so, that it's been utilized only a handful of times under the most dire, special circumstances and never once has it ever been kicked out of, except maybe for the one that I used in the gif up there.

Bruh's head caves into his neck and spine on impact, laying motionless in a mangled, bloody mess as Clem surveys the damage. 

OMJ: Are you telling me that Smirk, possibly one of the most reviled emotes on the Emoticon Live roster- you telling me that this smug son of a bitch has somehow gained mastery over THAT move?! Not even the staff's very best, people with actual banning capabilities, have ever thought about attempting such a dangerous maneuver!

4EG: THIS is probably what he's BEEN smirking about this WHOLE TIME! :rolleyes:

Clem raises Smirk's hand, which is holding Bruh's head, in victory.


4EG: Enough said, true believers!

OMJ: Using The Banning Hammer to the utmost perfection has awarded Smirk with the victory, bringing him just one step closer to realizing his perceived birthright as being SBC's Best Emote!

4EG: The MEASURE of an emote's TRUE success is the moment that I ACTUALLY use them in a POST! :rolleyes: And BELIEVE me, true believers, it'll be a COLD day in this community when I EVER decide to SMIRK!

Nuggets pulls himself up to his feet at ringside, shocked at the match having already concluded while he taken out.

OMJ: Possibly the closest to success Young Nugs has ever gotten, more so than even the launch of Oceans! Nugs damn near came close to winning this thing on a number of occasions. There is no shame in coming up short again after a hellacious performance like that! Maybe that performance will finally convince people to use you.

4EG: But there is SHAME in me not USING you, so DON'T expect to see me NUGGETS anytime soon! :salute:

OMJ: Although I think we can all agree that that performance, unfortunately, will not be enough to convince Sauce to let Nuggets go in for a dip. :NUGGETS:

Plankton2 gets back up to his feet at ringside and yays it up with the fans.

Plankton2 & Crowd: Yay! :plankton2: Yay! :plankton2: Yay! :plankton2: Yay! :plankton2: tSBQ8M.gif

OMJ: Oh who the fuck cares about you?

OMJ grabs his bottle of water and throws it at Plankton2.


4EG: Ladies and gentlemen, just a friendly, LEGALLY obligated reminder that TONIGHT'S show is BROUGHT to you by WATER!


4EG: It's 75% all AROUND us, heck, it's ROUGHLY 55-65% IN us! Don't let the COLD embrace of death come SLIP you away! Sustain YOUR life with water TODAY! ChubbyLinearHaddock-max-1mb.gif

OMJ: That was clearly a coke emoticon, but you get the point. We'll be back as Emoticon Live rolls on LIVE!

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OMJ: Welcome back, folks, to the very first edition of Community Deathmatch: Emoticon Live! brought to you in part by water!


OMJ: OH MY! Could it be-


OMJ: IT IS! Hailing all the way from the Mushroom Kingdom by way of Brooklyn, New York, it's everyone's favorite video game mascot (except maybe Cream's), it's Super Mario! And he really is an SBC emote. Just go on the forumotion site and see for yourselves. He IS, indeed, on there, so Nintendo, don't send the ninjas after me.

4EG: FRESH off YET another tantalizing JOURNEY aboard the Odyssey in SUPER Mario Odyssey, which I have YET to PLAY as of YET, Mario is still in TIP top FORM even after ALL these YEARS! Not missing a STEP since his days JUMPING over barrels and CLIMBING up ladders, Mario LOOKS to take Community Deathmatch's Emoticon LIVE division by storm! Welcome aboard, Mario! An emote that I FINALLY will use! Enough said! :salute:

OMJ: And what timing, Saturday was just MAR10 Day! I sure hope to god that The Trash Man ain't here! Wouldn't want another garbage day on our hands here, especially with a new Smash Bros on the horizon. Gotta keep Mario looking strong for that!

Mario: YA-HOO!

Mario triple jumps into the ring and sticks the landing right in the middle of the ring.


OMJ: WOAH! Freakin' Will Ospreay over here! Don't let that girth fool you, folks. That's the exact same move he does when getting into bed with a fucking princess! A walking, jumping glimmer of hope this video game character is! I guess next to my broadcast partner here, who somehow has a girlfriend. 

4EG: What CAN I say? Chicks DIG big WALLS of text! Enough said, true believers! ;)

Mario proceeds to do a spinaroonie


OMJ: I-Is he gonna speak or something? I figured I had this spot on the show open for a meaningful promo, not pointless wii fit filler bullshit. Mario, I love you, but emotes on this show need to show more character than what you've shown these past thirty-some years! Yes, I went there. I guess now might be a good time to plug my Super Mario Bros Z lit.


OMJ: Oh no. Oh god no! Dear Neptune below, please say it isn't so!

4EG: Is it ANOTHER emote that I DEFINITELY do not even USE? :rolleyes:

OMJ: It is! Tha-That's gotta be Hater!

Hater: :hater: Is this who I got bumped off Emoticon Live's inaugural episode for? Me? The Lord of All Hates being glossed over for Mario? Fucking Mario?! I fucking hate this guy! His fucking shitty little games on his shitty little consoles with his shitty little catchphrases! "YA-HOO!" FUCK A YA-HOO, BITCH! The Lord of All Hates is here, the rightful champion of the Emoticon Live brand! You couldn't even make the transition to the current forum, you fucking guinea! You know who did make the transition? Fucking Squidward slapping his ass! Squidward slapping his own fucking ass has more crossover appeal on SBC than the face of fucking Nintendo! But if you think that's gonna last long for Squidward slapping his ass, then you're sorely mistaken. Trust me, I'll hate on him next once I am through hating on YOU. Because I am Lord Hater! CERO FOLLA!

OMJ: Zero Fucks. Just in case you're wondering, that was spanish for just how little this emote cares. He doesn't give a fuck if you're the face of a few generations, he will find any reason to hate on you. And it seems he's just found himself a reason to hate on Mario right here, right now!

Hater rushes the ring, where Mario awaits his arrival. Standing on opposite sides of the ring, they proceed to stare each other down before Hater makes the first move, attacking Mario with an onslaught of kicks.


Mario manages to duck a super kick and catches Hater off guard with a thunderous uppercut, flooring him. With Hater laid out on the mat, Mario jumps into the air for a big stomp, but Hater rolls out of the way just in the knick of time. Hater attempts to sweep the leg of Mario, who simply jumps over that attempt and lands a ground pound right on top of Hater. Hater curls up into a corner as Mario runs over to capitalize.

4EG: Mario is GOING for the flag POLE! Will he MAKE contact?!


4EG: Hater cuts him OFF just SHORT of the finish LINE! :rolleyes:

OMJ: I'm afraid his princess is in another corner!

Hater lays into Mario with some boots of his own before wrapping one of the plumbers arms between his legs. Hater stands himself up as he grabs hold of Mario's other arm and goes about hyper extending it. Mario shrieks in pain. Hater bends Mario's arm back some more, threatening to pull it all the way back.


But before Hater can snap back, another familiar character makes his Emoticon Live debut.



OMJ: Oh my god. It's Sonic! Sonic is here, fresh off the heaping pile of shit that was Sonic Forces! You just know that he is whoring himself out an SBC lit to help make up for those losses!


4EG: Just LOOK at him hit that DAB about as HARD as the quality of HIS games hit rock BOTTOM! :rolleyes:

OMJ: Nevertheless, Cream's favorite video game mascot is finally here, and he'sGOINGREALLYFUCKINGFAST!

Sonic quickly speeds into the ring and spin dashes right into Hater, knocking him out of the ring before he could even react.

OMJ: Sonic cleaning house, knocking The Lord of All Hates clear out of the fucking ring! Sonic just saved Mario from what could've been the biggest disaster in gaming since Sonic 06!

Hater hates on them both as he hastily retreats back up the ramp. Sonic helps Mario back up to his feet and they shake hands before Sonic gives Mario his time in the ring to celebrate with the fans.



Sonic spin dashes deliberately into Mario right as he threw up the peace sign. Sonic lays into Mario with some lightning fast boots before bopping him repeatedly on the nose, leaving an indent of his fist right in there with each bop.

4EG: This is ABSOLUTELY uncalled FOR! What did Mario DO to deserve THIS?! Mario ODYSSEY came out before Sonic FORCES! You didn't HAVE to release it so CLOSE! Mario can't HELP it if he has COMPETENT people making his GAMES! :rolleyes:

Sonic takes some brass rings out of his pocket and throws them all over the fallen Mario.

OMJ: If that isn't a metaphor for all the brass rings that the Sonic series has reached for throughout the years, then I don't know what is!

Sonic stomps Mario's hat down into the mat and mushes his foot on it some before kicking it off to the side. Sonic slowly makes his way to the back, looking quite pleased with what he just did.

4EG: What a complete SHOW of disrespect from the ONE video game character who is SORELY lacking in that DEPARTMENT toward his own damn SELF. :rolleyes:

OMJ: Sonic hitting a little close to home there stepping on Cappy like that! Without a doubt the most deplorable moment to take place on this show so far, possibly EVER if I indeed do not bring this back for more episodes. If this part can get at least 5 reactions within the next week, be it good or bad, we may just see this dream match happen in a Deathmatch ring, 4EverGreen!

Mario refuses help from the Mr Dr Professor, choosing to will his way to the back out of his own willpower. The crowd applauds him as he does so.

4EG: There is just NO keeping a good game DOWN! Mario is gonna be BACK and, just like EVERY one of his game releases, he will once AGAIN be better than EVER! Enough said! :salute:

OMJ: That may not be a long wait, because I have just received word from Maximillian Pegasus through pm that next time on Emoticon Live, Mario will make his debut when he steps into the Deathmatch Ring opposite Hater! But that will only be possible if this part does indeed garner 5 reactions to keep the emoticon division rolling!

4EG: Somehow, I DOUBT that will HAPPEN! :rolleyes:

OMJ: But coming up next, we have the second 4-Way Intersection for the gold! Let's see who our first combatant will be!



OMJ: Why, it is none other than Sbgrin- HOLY TOLEDO!


Sbgrin: :sbgrin:

OMJ: He's good, he's good!

4EG: But not GOOD enough for me to USE! :rolleyes:

OMJ: What a dream match it could possibly be if Sbgrin were to win this and then go on to face his old binge posting buddy, Smirk, for the title of Best Emote!

4EG: A match I would ZERO interest in WHATSOEVER! Enough said! :salute:



Swag comes swaggering on out with a mic already in hand and his shades on fleek.

Swag: For those of you who lack the swag necessary to use me in your posts, I AM the emotes list! This community hasn't seen an emoticon of my caliber, well, since the last time I got used! Simply put, Swag is the greatest emoticon at your disposal today! But to be honest, there isn't anybody in this community who is swag enough to use me in their posts. WHAT'S UP WIDDAT? :swag:

Swag drops the mic before joining Sbgrin in the ring.

OMJ: I'm pretty sure that was in response to you, 4EverGreen.

4EG: :rolleyes:

OMJ: Well thus far, we have not seen an emote be so bold as to go on record and outright declare that everybody isn't worthy of using em in their posts. That takes a lot of confidence, but will that confidence be enough to back those words up here tonight?



OMJ: "The Man of 1000 Cubes", "The Ice Man" is here on Emoticon Live!

4EG: AND he is honoring the SPONSORSHIP that we have with WATER! Carrying a CUP of it with HIM to the ring! :salute:

OMJ: One of the more serious emotes on the emoticon list, Glare brings with him a technical, hard hitting style to any post that he finds himself in! He means serious business, and he looks to be all business heading into this Deathmatch tonight! I'd imagine that inning the title of Best Emote may just be enough to crack a genuine smile on this fucker's face.



OMJ: Here is he, folks! The emote that helped make all of this happen! It is none other than Cosby!

4EG: SHAME! :rolleyes:

OMJ: It was his one-off appearance on the main Community Deathmatch thread against TheYellowGamer-whatever the fuck his name was that kick started the spark that would become Emoticon Live! His match made it onto Aya's fave five for a hot ass minute!

4EG: And not ONLY that! He also has CROSSOVER appeal that transcends BOTH SBC and SBM!

OMJ: He is the father figure of this entire division, an emoticon truly worthy of being crowned Community Deathmatch's first every Best Emote! Will the competition be able to handle this?!

4EG: I already CAN'T! :rolleyes:

The four combatants each occupy their very own corner of the ring as Clem stands in the middle of them all.

Clem: Alright, you reaction rejects, I want a good, clean fight! Any last requests?

Swag, Sbgrin and Glare waste no time and they all immediately go after Cosby. Taking turns beating on him in the corner before throwing him over the top rope and out of the ring.

OMJ: The other competitors don't seem to be as grateful for Cosby as we are.

4EG: What DO you mean WE? :rolleyes:

Swag, Sbgrin and Glare all turn their attention towards each other now. Swag offers an alliance to Sbgrin, but is only met with drop kick right to the face.

Sbgrin: :sbgrin:

OMJ: He knows what he did!

Swag beats a hasty retreat out of the ring, leaving Sbgrin and Glare to themselves while he focuses on targeting the beaten Cosby on the outside.

Sbgrin: :sbgrin:

Glare: :glare:

Sbgrin and Glare lock up, trading holds and control like they were Yugioh cards. Sbgrin manages to get Glare trapped in a rear chin lock and keeps a hold of it for a bit before Glare twists it around into a hammerlock, wrenching Sbgrin's arm behind his back.


On the outside, Swag targets Cosby, sizing him up for a shining wizard kick, only for Cosby to lure him right into a a huracanrana, flipping Swag face first into the barricade separating the fans from the ring. Swag miraculously doesn't break his shades on the impact, much to his relief. As Swag gets back up to his feet, he is met with an enzuigiri kick to the back of the head, staggering him but still keeping his footing by using the barricade for support. Cosby looks to follow up with a super kick, but Swag ducks it and tosses Cosby up over the barricade and into the crowd, who catch him and break his fall. Swag doesn't see this as he is busy posing and taunting the crowd.

Swag: :swag:

The guests surf Cosby around the crowd before helping to prop him back up the barricade. Cosby sizes Swag up for a diving cross body, but Swag turns around to see it just in time and steps out of the way, causing Cosby to crash front-first right onto the arena floor.

OMJ: Swag showing off some highly advanced 20/20 vision despite wearing his sunglasses indoors!

4EG: Like a DOUCHE! B)

Back in the ring, Sbgrin and Glare are still chain wrestling for dominance. They grasp hands and engage in a show of strength, with Glare exerting his high place on the pecking order thanks to how many times he's been used in posts more than Sbgrin. But suddenly, Sbgrin manages to catch Glare by surprise with a head scissors takedown, dropping The Ice Man right on top of his head.


OMJ: Beautiful head scissors takedown by Sbgrin! 

4EG: How CAN you find a wrestling MOVE to be beautiful?! That is JUST sick, and not to MENTION, weird! :rolleyes: No WONDER you don't HAVE a girlfriend!

OMJ: Sbgrin dropping Glare right onto his head with the full weight of his own body right on top of him! An put of nowhere move like that could kill maybe lesser emotes, but Glare is a proven mainstay here on the emotes list, he won't go down that easily!

Back outside the ring, Swag follows up on Cosby's earlier flub by sizing him up for a shining wizard kick to the back of the head. Seeing that Cosby could be on the verge of death, Sbgrin runs the ropes and dives out in order to save him from the kick by suicide diving right into Swag.


OMJ: Sbgrin laying it all on the line in order to save Cosby from certain doom!

With Sbgrin and Swag both out of it temporarily, Cosby looks to jello dance over their fallen bodies, 


but Glare grabs him by the head right at the end of his dance from inside the ring and pulls Emoticon Live's father figure up onto the ring apron and nails a sickening neck breaker right onto the top rope, snapping Cosby's neck back ricocheting back towards the flare, but Glare catches him by the tights right before he could fall. Glare pulls Cosby back in for suplex over the top rope and right back into the ring.


Glare rolls back over to pull Cosby immediately back up for what looks to be brain buster, but Cosby manages to connect some well placed knees to the top of Glare's dome, causing The Ice Man to lose his grip and free Cosby. Cosby lands on his feet and immediately takes Glare out with a super kick to the abdomen.


And with Glare kneeled over, Cosby follows it up with a vicious double foot stomp.


OMJ: Cosby showing a bit of a mean streak for once here! 

4EG: Well, at LEAST since he last DRUGGED a woman! :rolleyes:

Cosby hits the ropes and nails a Rolling Thunder Frog Splash to great effect.


Cosby then jumps right back up to his feet for a picture perfect standing moonsault.


Cosby jumps back up to his feet again for a final Zip Zop Zoopity Bop.


However, Glare manages to get his knees up just in time, causing Cosby to crash rib-first right on top of them. Cosby rolls away in pain, but Glare catches up to him and drapes Cosby over his shoulders in a fireman's carry. On the outside, Sbgrin sees this happening and looks to go in to make another save, but Swag grabs him from behind and belly to back suplexes him right onto the security barricade. Back inside the ring, Glare throws Cosby up into the air for some serious hang time before sending Cosby crashing back down, ribs-first, into his knee yet again.


OMJ: Glare showing absolutely no mercy in his systematic assault on Cosby! And bless Sbgrin's heart for trying to come in for yet another save, but that damned Swag manages to get him back for doing the same thing to him earlier!

Clem simultaneously checks on both Cosby and Sbgrin's situations, and he deems them both to be alive enough to still be in this thing.

4EG: MIRACULOUSLY, Cosby AND Sbgrin are both still clinging for DEAR life!

OMJ: This is what the title of being Best Emote means to these competitors!

Glare and Cosby are both spitting up blood from each others attacks. Glare waits for Coaby to make it back up to his feet before making his next move, but as soon as Cosby does, the father figure manages to fight through the pain long enough to execute a surprise Quaalude to a Kiss


but Glare manages to duck it in the knick of time, grabbing Cosby's attacking leg and puts Cosby On Ice!


Glare stretches Cosby out, looking to apply enough pressure to fold him over into a pretzel. However, Cosby tries as he might to fight it off.

OMJ: A beautiful counter by Glare, quickly turning Cosby's signature move against him!

4EG: You REALLY need to get OUT more! :rolleyes:

Glare manages to reach over to his cup, while still keeping Cosby On Ice, and takes a sip of it to replenish himself. 

Glare: Ahhh.

This causes Cosby to slowly lose his shit laughing.

Glare: Huh?

Cosby is laughing like a madman now, causing Glare to go all the way in applying the utmost of pressure.



Cosby: HTTP21lZGlhLmdpcGh5LmNvbS9tZWRpYS9UakJhb

Glare slowly starts to feel more dazed and confused, struggling to stay conscious.

OMJ: No! Cosby didn't?! Oh my god, I think he drugged Glare's drink! 

4EG: We're ABOUT to find out WHETHER or not Glare can REALLY handle this!

Suddenly, Swag comes charging in and takes a drugged Glare out with a stiff shining wizard. This finally breaks the hold Glare has had over Cosby.


OMJ: Swag trying to swoop on in and pick at the scraps!

4EG: And with a WIZARD so shiny, he HAS to keep wearing his SHADES! :rolleyes:

Swag orders Clem to make the call. Clem checks up on Glare and he deems him to be still alive, much to Swag's shock and displeasure. Swag finds himself needing to make a quick decision on which prone opponent he's gonna capitalize on for the kill, ultimately deciding on a bent out of shape Cosby.

OMJ: Swag is looking to make a name for himself at the Founding Father's expense! Just imagine what a victory over Cosby could do for his stock around here?!

4EG: Not MUCH, I'd RECKON! :rolleyes:

Swag drags Cosby over to the edge of the ring, draping him over the apron and hanging above the floor.

OMJ: Swag could be looking to execute a sick draping DDT right onto the arena floor! That could be Cosby's skull meeting solid concrete!

Swag preps to sling himself back for the DDT, but he is cut short by Glare, who wills himself over for a baseball slide drop kick to Swag's face, effectively breaking his shades.


This sends Swag crashing back into the security barrier, suffering some whiplash as he makes contact and crashes to the arena floor. This also causes Cosby to be sent flying with him, however Swag's body cushions the brunt of his fall.

OMJ: Oh my god! Glare has somehow, some way willed himself back into contention in this Deathmatch! Taking it upon himself to save the emote who drugged him!

Clem check on Swag and signals that he is still breathing. Glare glares at him in disbelief, resting himself on the ropes and wondering to himself just what he has to do to put one of these emotes away. He finds his train of thought cut short as Sbgrin pounces up on the ring apron and grabs Glare for a tornado DDT onto said apron, but Glare catches himself on the ropes, preventing Sbgrin from taking him down fully. Glare then hoists Sbgrin up tosses him right onto the top rope, hanging him over by the abdomen and taking some of the wind out of him. Glare sizes up for kick to the prone Sbgrin's head, but Sbgrin manages to dodge by bouncing himself back. He then uses the ropes to give himself the height necessary to enzuigiri kick Glare right in the face.


This stuns Glare into the nearest corner while also taking some more wind out of Sbgrin. Sbgrin takes some time to recuperate on the ring apron, but this also gives Glare time to bounce back for an Ice Maker clothesline, but Sbgrin ducks it in time.

Sbgrin: :sbgrin:

Glare fights back with a back handed Ice Maker, but Sbgrin dodges that as well.

Sbgrin: :sbgrin:

But Sbgrin finds himself sbgrinning right into a third hellacious Ice Maker to takes him right off his feet and literally turns him inside out as he falls onto the arena floor.


OMJ: Sbgrin goofed off a little too fucking much, and it may have very well cost him this match!

Clem checks on Sbgrin's status before finally raising Glare's hand in victory.


OMJ: Glare has done it! Against all odds, he has literally punched his own ticket into the Best Emote title match! What a hell of a Deathmatch that was! All four of these emotes have each proven themselves worthy of being in Best Emote contention in my book! What a way to light the fire of the emoticon revolution! 

Glare celebrates on the top rope, but Swag comes in and attacks him from behind.

OMJ: What a complete show of poor sportsmanship by this emote! Swag just needs to come to terms with the fact that nobody uses him as much as he'd like them to! And after this, I see the chances of that ever happening becoming even less!

Swag continues his post-match assault until Cosby spins him around from behind and decks him with a huge Quaalude to a Kiss! Swag rolls out of the ring in defeat as Cosby helps Glare back up to his feet.

OMJ: Cosby making the save for Glare now! Possibly paying him back for saving him from the clutches of Swag during the tail end of this match!

They stare each other before Cosby breaks the ice by encouraging Glare to do the jello dance with him, but Glare is having none of it.


Glare: :glare:

Cosby: :cosby:


Smirk makes his way out to the ring as Cosby leaves them to their business.

Smirk: :smirk:

Glare: :glare:

OMJ: This is it! This will be the matchup to decide just who is the Best Emote on the SpongeBob Community! 

4EG: Which of these two will SURVIVE the march to MADNESS and claim the title as their OWN?! 

OMJ: Be sure to :smack: that reaction button in order to find out! I'm Old Man Jenkins!

4EG: And I'M 4EverGreen!

OMJ: Wishing you all a good fight, goodnight from the emotes list!

4EG: Enough said, true believers!


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