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Submarine inventor arrested for the death of a journalist

Steel Sponge

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Really thought that this would be newsworthy. For those who don't know, Peter Madsen is the Danish creator of the UC3 Nautilus. The submarine sank and while Peter Madsen survived, Kim Wall was reported to be missing. Upon investigation, Madsen was arrested for charges of murder. Madsen claimed that Wall died in an accident and was buried at sea, the night before he was rescued. Suspicions had raised since Wall was nowhere to be seen on the UC3 Nautilus, the day Madsen was rescued, and just a few days ago, Wall's limbless and headless torso was found washed up on Amager Island. Further investigation prompted for Madsen to be then charged with indecent handling of a dead body.

All I can say is that this is some creepy stuff. Peter Madsen has been denying committing murder, but I seriously don't see how it couldn't be murder. Discuss your thoughts here.

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