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truth or peace


truth or peace?  

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  1. 1. so people

    • I'd rather have world peace based on a lie
    • I'd rather not because truth is more important to me than just lying everyone

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so I was thinking of watchmen and this came into my mind really :P 




it led me into thinking this. Now there's two possibilities and you can only choose one. Would you rather create a world peace based on some lie or would you rather tell the truth to everyone and think truth and honestly are more important but that can create some mayhem because this is all built on lie.



now I for one would love to have a world peace because lets face it, these events in past few yeears have been so dreadful. People have been so hypocrites (including myself), some people just wants to create violence and hatrid and despite what we've learned some of our past mistakes from our ancestors, we still create big major mistakes in this world but I'd rather have a world peace based on truth. I really would hate to see my world created by some big disturbing lie. So I'd choose truth but still this means we still have more years to fix our mistakes. My opinion can change really because it's a tricky question but I'd like to ask to you guys :P 


so what do you think?

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