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I spent three hours doodling all these dorks in the middle of the night and I am completely tired. Expanding on the idea of Plankton and Dreaded working together, what about all these guys? Ans like I said with Plankton and DP I feel as if these guys were to be put in a scenario of working together there would be generally a lot of bickering among them all. When it comes to the geniuses, who's the smartest of them all? Who does evil better? Who was more successful? Who is the leading mastermind in all this? Dennis probably doesn't give an eff except for whatever he needs to get done in all of this. Doodlebob just does what he wants.

This Summer, expect or don't suspect small comics of these guys because I crave some interesting character interaction that wouldn't happen ever staring:

The Dreaded Patrick, Dennis, Prawn, Doodlebob, Dr. Creature ( Previously who I called Dr. Patty but I liked this better), Plankton, Robo-Plankton (and his beautiful bride, not shown here) The Dirty Bubble, and of course, Man Ray. 

Coming soon, possibly if I feel like it, probably after finals cause that's next week and finals suck.

Edited by Dreaded Patrick
The image kept braking.
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On 9/20/2016 at 6:28 PM, Dreaded Patrick said:


Someone isn't in the mood for Triple Gooberberry Sunrises today.


this artstyle (also your latest post) is crisp and clean I love this omg you're so good 

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I am so stressed because of tests and film stuff I gotta do for a class but what's a better way to battle it than to draw a hermit and his snail. :plankton2:

Going on all the info I can get from the game, I really hope he actually had a pet snail and it wasn't just a creative choice from the director.

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On 5/29/2017 at 4:05 PM, Sheriff Buford T. Justice said:

How do you like THIS?


Not bad,

But I raise you a very late "sponge in army gear running away from an angry 7 handed robot after ruining a puppet show with a bubble torpedo"


....More news at 11.

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in which I revive my art thread with a doodle after I've finally had time to calm down from horrible life drama and pain (or at least distract myself enough) to draw a starfish with way too many offshoots of himself.


He's Patrick? He's Patrick? You're Patrick? I'M PATRICK!! IS THERE ANY OTHER "PATRICKS" I NEED TO KNOW ABOUT!?!?!?

..... plenty actually. A whole town and more. Most of which aren't Dreaded patricks though.

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Some more art bc it's been a w h i l e.

Dreaded Patrick of course, Sneaky Hermit, aaaaaaand for wild fun SpongeBill from one of the spongebob comics.

also bonus thing that isn't exactly drawn art but I don't know where to put it so I'm just attaching it here like a moron, but I made a little cover of downtown bikini bottom from yellow avengers and later on I might make a little animated video attached to it bc that would fun. I've done it before with Mrs. Puff's boating school before too- actually let me post that too-


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