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The Golden Community Awards VI: Nominations

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Best Member: Jjsthekid, Hayden, Wumbo, OMJ, JCM

Best Debater: Clappy, Terminoob, Nuggets, Jjthekid, Wumbo

Funniest Member: OMJ, JCM, Asiaworld8, Wumbo, Elastic

Most Unique Username: Asiaworld8, Dr. Sex, Trophy, OMJ, Someone

Most Serious Member: Jjsthekid, Terminoob, Steel Sponge, crushingmayhem, Clappy

Kindest Member: Cha, Sauce, Jjsthekid, SOF, hilaryfan80

Most Active Member: Trophy, Crushing, OMJ, Jjsthekid, Wumbo

Maturest Member: Jjsthekid, Crushing, Trophy, hilaryfan80, Negispongie

Most Contributive Member: hilaryfan80, Jjsthkid, Nuggets, CNF1, JCM

Most Creative Member: hilaryfan80, Patty Sponge, Cha, OMJ, Omair

Most Missed Member: Jelly, Webby, Deli, CDCB, Spandy



Spin-Off/Lit Categories

Best New Creation ATTWL Finale, S.S SBC, Parallel Sponge, Island, SBC Falls

Best Creation: Storm Racers, Gary The Snail's Undersea Adventures, JCMterviews, SBCinema, Jjs Riffing Theater

Best Ended Creation: Rusty's Raping Pampage, The silly adventures of patrick star, Kappa Kruise, Clapwald

Best Pilot: N/A

Best Storyline: Storm Racers, Parallel Sponge, Pisces Moon, SBCinema, ATTWL Finale, Escape From Unfinish Island

Best Location: JCMovies, Island, Community Deathmatch, Storm Racers, ATTWL Finale

Best Main Character: Darsun (Storm Racers), Nathan (Storm Racers), Gary (GTSUA), SpongeBob (Pisces Moon) , Snellie (GTSUA)

Most Well-Written: Storm Racers, SBCinema, Jjs Riffing Theater, Pisces Moon, JCMovies

Most Creative: Parallel Sponge, SBCinema, JCMovies, Jjs Riffing Theater, Storm Racers

Best Episode: Endgame (Storm Racers), Movie Theater Action Night Bonanza!

(GTSUA), Dark Seige (Storm Racers), Meme Girls (SBCinema), Pisces Cup (Pisces Moon)

Best New Creator: Weasel, rev up those fryers, Urchees, William Leonard, Shin



Honorary Creator Award: Jjsthekid and Clappy

Honorary Show Award: SBCinema and Gary The Snail's Undersea Adventures

Honorary Staff Member Award: hilaryfan80 and CNF1





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