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  1. Premieres: Thursday, July 20th at 5pm ET/PT Plot: SpongeBob embarks on an epic journey to have his beloved spatula reforged by the legendary Guru Greasetrap.
  2. Premieres: Wednesday, July 19th at 5pm ET/PT Plot: Rube hosts an episode of "FUN-Believable! With Rube" where he explores little known oddities and attractions around Bikini Bottom.
  3. Premieres: Tuesday, July 18th at 5pm ET/PT Plot: SpongeBob befriends a sentient Krabby Patty whose only wish is to be eaten.
  4. Premieres: Monday, July 17th at 5pm ET/PT Plot: Plankton finds a magic bean that takes him to a land of giants.
  5. I have come to reclaim Rome for my people!

  6. SpongeBob SquarePants: Monday, August 7th: 1:00pm EST: Gary's Playhouse (290B): SpongeBob builds a snail-house outside for Gary to play in while he is at work. Tuesday, August 8th: 1:00pm EST: Swimming Fools (291A): SpongeBob builds a pool in his backyard and Squidward tries to resist taking a dip. Wednesday, August 9th: 1:00pm EST: The Goobfather (291B): Mr. Krabs must reckon with the Goobfather after he adds "Patty Whips" to the menu at the Krusty Krab. Thursday, August 10th: 1:00pm EST: SquidBird (292A): Squidward gets left with a mess when SpongeBob and Patrick use carrier clams to send messages to each other. The Patrick Star Show: Monday, August 21st: 1:00pm EST: Super Stars (28A): The Star family becomes superheroes. Tuesday, August 22nd: 1:00pm EST: Now You Museum, Now You Don't (28B): Cecil works as a security guard at Lady Upturn's art museum. Wednesday, August 23rd: 1:00pm EST: 10 and 1 Toilets (29A): The Stars' pet family toilet Tinkle has puppies. Thursday, August 24th: 1:00pm EST: Family Plotz (29B): The Star family spends a day playing at the cemetery.
  7. Welcome to SBC! I bring you greetings from apple world!
  8. By popular demand and recent shitposting, here's our 46th SWYAD theme: Tvtropes! Change your username and avatar to anything tvtropes related. This will last from July 14th to July 21st. A Cards Against Humanity game and turntable party will both be held July 14th. You have until July 14th to sign up through here or Discord. If you miss the deadline to sign up, that's okay, as anyone can join in late. Participants: Fred --> Fantastic Racism Steel --> Boobs of Steel Winter --> Squidward's Genital Mutilation Wumbo --> Raging Stiffie Jjs --> Bunny Ears Lawyer WhoBob --> Women in Refrigerators JCM --> Annoying Arrows OMJ --> Names to Run Away from Really Fast Dman --> Is This A Joke Rebel --> Hard Drinking Party Girl 4Ever --> Deadpan Snarker Ex --> Narm Charm SOF --> Roger Rabbit Effect
  9. You never had the makings of a Varsity athlete.

  10. Premieres: Thursday, July 6th at 1pm ET/PT Plot: Granny Tentacles gets her own spin-off show.
  11. Premieres: Wednesday, July 5th at 5pm ET/PT Plot: Bunny's mother makes a visit from the old country.
  12. Premieres: Tuesday, July 4th at 1pm ET/PT Plot: In a notion of protest, Patrick's organs leave his body.
  13. Premieres: Monday, July 3rd at 1pm ET/PT Plot: Patrick gets a stunt double.
  14. You got nothing! That was your final turn!
  15. You got 20 experience points! That was your final turn!
  16. Monday, June 26th: 7:00pm EST: [3rd] Jackbox: Bracketeering Whoever wins will receive 1,000 doubloons and 300 experience points. This is the final activity for Surfing Summer. Edit: Congrats to Meko who won!
  17. You got a boot! That was your final turn!
  18. You got 400 dbs! That was your final turn!
  19. Premieres: Thursday, June 29th at 1pm ET/PT Plot: Squidward joins a crew of sailors hunting down the great white jellyfish.
  20. Premieres: Wednesday, June 27th at 1pm ET/PT Plot: SpongeBob and Patrick mistake a burglar for the tooth fairy. Guest Star: Steve Buscemi
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