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  1. A good and chaotic show that will make you very hungry.
  2. All we had to do was follow the damn train, CJ!

  3. Welcome to SBC! I bring you greetings from apple world!
  4. We've finally reached the 50th Stop What You Are Doing, and to celebrate that special milestone, we have an appropriate theme to accompany it: Milestones! This will be a tad more complex than our usual themes, in that you will change your name to anything that has a milestone anniversary (5th, 10th, 20th, 50th, 100th, etc) this year. This can be a person, movie, show, book, song, game, etc, you can get creative with it. (Example: Mean Girls turns 20 this year, so you could be a character from that or the movie itself) If you need to do research to see what has a milestone anniversary this year, go ahead. The SWYAD will begin May 10th and end May 17th. There will be a Cards Against Humanity, Turntable party and SWYAD themed Pictionary during it to celebrate. Anyone who participates will also receive 500 doubloons and 100 experience points. Credit to @sbl for this theme idea. Reservations: Jjs --> Shark Tale WhoBob --> BoJack Horseman Katie --> What We Do In The Shadows Meep --> Terry Hintz Salmon --> Godzilla Fred --> The Simpsons Dman --> Hotel Mario Steel --> 101 Dalmatian Street SOF --> Amphibia 4EverGreen --> Dragonball Z DG --> Róméó és Júlia Ben --> Totodile Ex --> EuroTrip Meko --> Patrick Not Star OMJ --> The Crow JCM --> The Lion King
  5. The Patrick Star Show: Monday, May 20th: 5:00pm EST: Tattoo Hullabaloo (35B): Bunny loses a tattoo. Tuesday, May 21st: 5:00pm EST: Too Many Patricks (36A): Patrick hires more Patricks to perform at birthday parties. Wednesday, May 22nd: 5:00pm EST: Much Tofu About Nothing (36B): Pat-Thos shares a Hamdonian tale of love and pork products. Thursday, May 23rd: 5:00pm EST: Face Off/Model (37A): Patrick wakes up off-model.
  6. The movie will release August 2nd on Netflix. https://www.whats-on-netflix.com/news/saving-bikini-bottom-the-sandy-cheeks-movie-to-release-on-netflix-in-august-2024/
  7. The votes are in, and Music is the winning theme! Thanks to all who voted. Look forward to celebrating our 15th anniversary with a musical touch this August!
  8. Tommy Vercetti, remember the name!

    1. Old Man Jenkins

      Old Man Jenkins

      When I’m gone, everybody gonna remember my name! Big Smoke! 😵

  9. Episode 16: Hanju For our final destination, to bring things full circle, I asked ChatGPT to describe a region based on South Korea. This is what it created. Welcome to the Hanju Region, a Pokémon region inspired by the rich culture, diverse landscapes, and modern advancements of South Korea. The Hanju Region is a picturesque landmass located in the eastern part of the Pokémon world. It is characterized by a blend of traditional Korean architecture, bustling metropolises, serene countryside, and rugged mountains. The region is divided into several districts, each with its own unique environment and Pokémon habitats. The Hanju Region celebrates the harmony (there it is, one last harmony cameo!) between tradition and modernity, blending ancient traditions with cutting-edge technology. Trainers embark on a journey not only to become Pokémon Champions but also to explore the rich tapestry of Korean culture and forge lasting bonds with their Pokémon companions. Game Names: Pokémon Harmony Edition and Pokémon Nexus Edition The "Harmony Edition" emphasizes the region's focus on blending ancient traditions with contemporary advancements, highlighting the harmonious coexistence between past and present. On the other hand, the "Nexus Edition" signifies the region's role as a nexus of diverse cultures, landscapes, and Pokémon habitats, inviting players to explore the interconnectedness of the Hanju Region's rich tapestry. Starter Pokemon: New Pokemon: Regional Forms: Legendary Pokemon: Cities and Landmarks: Professor, Rival and Evil Team: Gym Leaders, Elite Four & Champion: Features: That concludes our strange and wild journey around the imaginary AI world. This may or may not have been a mistake, but thanks to anyone who stuck around. We’ll see in the future if any of these ended up being close or not, and hopefully GameFreak doesn't directly steal our hard work. Will definitely not use AI ever again. Welp, see ya!
  10. Episode 15: Tropica I asked ChatGPT to describe a region based on the Caribbean. This is what it created. Welcome to the Caribbean region of "Tropica"! Tropica is a vibrant and diverse region filled with lush tropical jungles, crystal-clear turquoise waters, and sandy beaches. The region is composed of several islands, each with its own unique habitats and cultures. In Tropica, you'll encounter Pokémon inspired by the rich biodiversity of the Caribbean, including colorful parrot-like Flying types, water-dwelling Pokémon reminiscent of exotic fish found in the region's coral reefs, and Fire types inspired by the volcanic activity present on some of the islands. Trainers can explore ancient ruins hidden within dense jungles, dive into underwater caves teeming with aquatic Pokémon, and compete in thrilling Pokémon contests hosted in lively beachfront towns. The region's culture is deeply influenced by Caribbean folklore, music, and traditions, making it a captivating destination for Pokémon trainers from around the world. Game Names: Pokémon BreezeBlue: This version emphasizes the serene and tropical aspects of the region, focusing on the beauty of the beaches, clear skies, and gentle sea breezes. Pokémon BlazeRed: This version highlights the more adventurous and fiery elements of Tropica, featuring volcanic landscapes, intense battles, and the thrill of exploration amidst the region's active volcanic activity. Starter Pokemon: New Pokemon: Regional Forms: Legendary Pokemon: Cities and Landmarks: Professor, Rival and Evil Team: Gym Leaders, Elite Four and Champion: Features: Was that an exhilarating sea adventure for ye mateys? Tune in next week for the final destination on our journey!
  11. Film is currently scheduled to be released December 19th, 2025.
  12. While I appreciate the offer, we've moved on from talking about Doug and riffing in general. The rest of the internet can dunk on that video without us.
  13. The Magic of David Copperfield V: The Statue of Liberty Disappears

  14. Credit to OMJ for suggesting this week’s location. Episode 14: Pyrahiem I asked ChatGPT to describe a region based on Egypt. This is what it created. Pyrahiem is a Pokémon region inspired by ancient Egypt, characterized by its vast deserts, majestic pyramids, and mystical oases. Throughout Pyrahiem, trainers embark on a journey to become Pokémon Champions while unraveling the mysteries of ancient civilizations and forging bonds with the diverse Pokémon native to the region. Game Names: Pokémon Sunscarab and Pokémon Moonsphinx Starter Pokemon: New Pokemon: Regional Forms: Legendary Pokemon: Cities and Landmarks: Professor, Rival and Evil Team: Gym Leaders, Elite Four and Champion: Features: Had enough sand? For our penultimate destination next week, we’re heading to a tropical paradise.
  15. You got 50 Experience! That was your only turn!
  16. You got a whoopee cushion! That was your only turn! You got 100 Experience! That was your only turn! You got 10 Experience! That was your only turn!
  17. You got 10 Experience Points! That was your only turn! You got a fried boot! That was your only turn!
  18. Make a wish to the magic box and it will give you something cool. Or maybe not, idk. You only get one shot at this and only have until April 1st at 11:59pm to play. Have fun!
  19. Oops, we accidentally ordered too many packages and don't know what to do with the boxes, so we’re going to have a box party! Use your imagination to make something fun with them.
  20. Congrats to @Turo who sweeps as this year's Ultimate Gamer! I will be giving him his prizes shortly. If anyone else wants to spend their tokens, they have until midnight, but if you are a little late, it's fine as I will give your prizes in the morning.
  21. You got 25 Tokens! That was your last turn! You got 100 dbs! That was your last turn!
  22. You got 80 Tokens! That was your last turn! You got 50 Tokens! That was your last turn!
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