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  1. I mostly agree with you. I wouldn't say I outright disliked the show. From a lizard brain perspective, I still had some fun watching it. But I've noticed a lot of trends in the Disney Star Wars verse that have me worried about Mando season 3. I know The Last Jedi was controversial, and while I don't agree with many of the criticisms levied against it, I would completely understand reeling the series back to safer territory afterwards just to keep the series reputation intact. However, I feel like Disney has WAY overcorrected to the point where it feels like every Star Wars-related movie and property since has been written by a Reddit forum. The series has just kept getting smaller and smaller to appease fanservice. First you had Solo, which made an unnesccary connection to Darth Maul in a completely unrelated Han Solo backstory which just existed to make people applause. Then you had TROS, which brought Palpatine back to life and made Rey related to a character for no reason other than it was something Empire Strikes Back did. Mandalorian was such a sigh of relief in comparison to all this because it was just a self-contained story that didn't force a bunch of unrelated bullcrap for fanservice points. It truly felt like something new and fresh. Then season 2 happened, and while I liked season 2, it felt like we were slowly creeping back to the same forced shit that made the series feel so small after TROS. A bunch of Clone Wars characters began showing up, we had "Badass Luke" again (Which apparently was an arc that they ended up dropping immediately) and it began to feel like this separate self-contained story now was wrapping back around to this incredibly small universe where every event in the galaxy has to do with the same 10 or so people. And now we have Book of Boba Fett, which despite its name, is not actually about Boba Fett, and is instead a set-up for Mandalorian season 3 with even more references and connections that only seems to exist so that people can point out a "Reference". I really wanted to see Boba Fett shine, and there are moments where the show comes close, I actually think the stuff with the Sand People is genuinely good (At least for the first two episodes, they really dropped the ball on concluding that storyline), and it helps set up why Boba Fett would have this change of heart, but the series is so unfocused, so uncommitted to telling a single storyline, that it doesn't actually play out in a satisfying way. While it's obvious that Boba's time with the Tuskens is supposed to represent his shift, we never really see a satisfying transition of the cold-blooded killer of old to who he is now, just making him feel like an unfamiliar alien. Boba Fett feels like a backdrop to introduce us to the Star Wars Cinematic Universe, getting sidelined in his own show by Din and Grogu. Best episode of the show was the one where Boba Fett didn't even show up once and that's very unfortunate.
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  2. Spoiler stuff below, not feeling to have my entire post be a spoiler tag but anyway... Lol, this show kinda blows. I'm really disappointed it turned out to be this way because I was so hyped for the show. Finally giving Boba fans what they wanted after centuries and unfortunately, that didn't turn out to be the case. The show pretty much tried to give Boba a redemption arc after him being a ruthless bounty hunter for decadeas and it just didn't work. I like the idea behind it but the problem is that Boba was barely fleshed out as a character before his return in Mandalorian and while Clone Wars did exist to focus on him a little, still he wasn't one of the best things the show ever did. The show basically tried to be two different shows at the same time, flashbacks of how Boba survived the sarlic pit and him being a crime boss in the present. I get the purpose of this, flashbacks are meant to give Boba a motivation but flashbacks and present didn't intervene well. and I have seen this format used in a show that was just as messy as Boba, except it had enough highs to make me enjoy throughout, Arrow. Boba is a miniseries, so you gotta make sure every episode counts unlike something like Arrow and they didn't. First three episodes stalled so hard and yeah, there are developments here and there but I barely feel invested in them. Episode four was actually great and it's my favorite episode of the show and I was actually excited for what the show was gonna do next. Then, they gave us two Mandolarian focuses episodes. That's even issues became even worse. And what's bad is that Mando stuff were actually fun and exciting. We got to see where Din was up to and it was just interesting to see. And regardless of the enjoyment i had with Mando being there, him hijacking Boba's show really made things worse for me. I was here for Boba, not Din. This show is titled The Book of Boba Fett, not uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh whatever you wanna call this. Episode 5 was fine but i was waiting for Boba to be focused again. Then episode 6 happened which was just pure messy. Din stuff is still good and it was good to see Grogu again but It really bothered me on a different level than any other episode. This episode was filled with nonsensical fanservice. You have Luke appearing again which is all robotic sounds and deepfake but I'll get to that later. Ahsoka serves no purpose here. Cobb gets a cool moment and he has a shootdown with none other than Cad Bane and then he is written out for the finale until post-credit scene. And Cad Bane is just there to be the final boss of the show, despite serving no purpose here other than us getting small hints of Boba and Bane's past but since that arc wasn't finished in Clone Wars, it all just feels unearned. And he dies at the end, or is he hmmmmmmmmmm? Not the first time Star Wars brought back a dead character. Episode 6 was basically some of Filoni's worst impulses. Trying to write a shitty written fanfiction that ruins the whole flow of the show. He did a fine job directing but for co-writing with Favreau, the episode sucked. And i say shitty fanfic cuz I know there are good ones out there and Filoni did write some of his own in Star Wars but they were mostly good compared to this. And finally we have the big climax which we finally get to see Boba do shit which just doesn't feel earned. He stops the Pykes, kills Cad Bane and have a great moment with his crew and none of it impacted me. Because there is little development to these characters. Cad Bane shows up at the penultimat episode and then dies. Why? Why make Cad Bane fans go through this? And his gang are just wooden characters. Biker gang didn't bother me too much on their designs, Star Wars is always cheesy and goofy but they are just lame characters who we don't get to see them interact with Boba much. Fennec is still a mysterious figure that we don't know anything about. I thought the show was gonna develop her but they didn't. Her interactions with Boba are just boring and lifeless. Santy is perhaps the only fleshed out character here but even then, I don't think he is that good here either. The entire battle of Tatooine feels like a much worse version of Rebels finale. In Rebels finale, we actually got to see these characters develop and grow, so every character coming together to fight for Ezra's planet feels earned and it's exciting to see. Here, it's all just dumb fun action and that's it. Speaking about Boba's character, It just sucks the crew of the show didn't give a shit about him. They brought him back, they brought Morrison back for the role and yet his character is still nothing but iconography. Boba fans simply exist because of him looking badass in the armor and perhaps those legends fans that loved the development he got. But I just didn't feel any growth in him. Him going from a ruthless bounty hunter to a selfless "crime" lord is just there. That's all. And it's not like Disney can't pull of a show with villainous or anti-heroic protagonists. Mando was still all about Din doing bounty hunter shit while taking care of the baby. He isn't heroic, he is a mess and yet it works because he actually feels fleshed out. I really wonder if it was better for Boba to stay dead all this time. And I can't help but compare him to Maul. Unlike Boba, Maul actually got out of the phase of iconographic character, he had arcs, multiple stories to focus on him and his cast, we got to see his relationship with his sister, his brother, his arch-enemy, his mentor, two apprentices like him. He was a character in both Clone Wars and Rebels and his ending was actually really amazing. And I'm sure this is why they got Sam Witwer back in the role of Maul in Solo. Cuz he is just that good of a character. Unfortunately resurrecting Boba didn't work out at all. Yeah, we see him developing a bond with tuskens and then tuskens get massacred and it just gives a problematic writing of natives being murdered in the hands of outsiders and the outsider who joined them has to avenge their death. I knew this is where it was going but I figured they'd at least try to make it interesting but they didn't. When Boba finally reveals his motives to Cad Bane, i felt underwhelmed. I wanted more than him going "this city needs to be protected". All the puzzle pieces are there, yet somehow they didn't put all of them together. Boba is still a wooden character that I'm not sure if i wanna see more of him. I would rather see more Mando adventures and such. And speaking of Mando, I really really hated that he hijacked the whole show and the whole gap between Mando s2 finale and s3 premiere being explored here and them rushing the whole reunion thing with him and Grogu made the whole conflict less satisfying. Cuz why bother seperate them when you know they are gonna be together again in a show that isn't about them. It's so dumb. The whole structure of the show makes no sense. Disney is still seeing Star Wars as MCU and the thing is that it isn't at all. I really hate that they made us believe Mando was gonna be standalone and a fresh start for the new audience and after s2, they started to bring back old characters like Ahsoka, Bo Katan, Boba and Luke to make things more confusing for normal audience. And it sucks they have to sit through this show to get where Din and Grogu are in s3. The whole reason why they are doing is this make a giant ass crossover between these new shows and I just don't care. Let Mando be Mando. Let Boba be Boba. Let Ahsoka be about Clone Wars/Rebels characters and knowing they are gonna focus on Ahsoka as a sequel to Rebels, it's just gonna make the audience who never saw Rebels even more focusing. Worse if they never saw Clone Wars either cuz Rebels is technically a sequel to that. I didn't try to mind the whole backdoor pilot in Mando s2 ep 5 but now it bothers me so much. Cuz all Disney wants is to focus on nostalgia baits, instead of actually doing a good story. I love Rebels and even I feel betrayed I have to see these characters crossover with Mando and Boba and possibly Rangers. I'm not gonna delve into why Rebels sequel isn't animated, rather it's live-action but you animation fans know how I feel. The set up to the crossover is gonna be a mess just like The Defenders. and I'm so tired of MCU influence on these franchises. Not everything needs to be connected for gods sake. Lastly, this is more of a frustration but I fucking hate I found out they gave Luke a robotic voice. I get Hamill gave them a blessing but it doesn't matter when his dialogue in boba feels so unorganic and lazy. We don't get to see an actor act. We see a double deepfaking Hamill's younger version and giving a robotic voice for him. Just fucking re-cast dammit. I know they don't wanna re-cast in courtesy of paying respect to Carrie Fisher but unlike her, Hamill is still alive and he is fine with re-casting. I don't even ask for Sebastian Stan to play him. Just get anyone who looks like young Hamill and can mimic his character's mannerisms. They did it with Han Solo, why not for Luke. Robotic voices and deepfake just worry me this is how they are gonna treat these veteran actors' characters in the future. I don't want it. I'm still gonna see where the story leads up to. Ofc I wanna know where Boba, Cobb, Din, Grogu, Ahsoka and Rebels cast end up but I have to accept the fact that I can't enjoy Star Wars same way I used to because Disney never learns lessons from how they approached to its own made Star Wars movies. I'm glad stuff like High Republic exists to attract new audiences but it's not enough. Sometimes I wish Star Wars would be in the hands of Lucas again. Not because what he would do later on be good but the universe would still be owned by him, rather than a corporation that wants to milk the every last drop. We are living in an age where every entertainment industry wants to own as much as IP as possible. Monopolizing the shit out of franchises. And it scares me. Would I lose final season of Clone Wars, Rebels and Mando if Star Wars belonged to Lucas forever? Yeah but anything is better than Disney doing these soulless and factory made stories to gain money. Fuck them all. And yet i still watch and shill these unoriginal shit coming from Disney from time to time. Oh they know how to fool me.
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