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About This Club

Formerly the cotton candy blue club, this club is now for all the coolest colors on the website! Anyone who has one of the coolest colors of the website as their role color is allowed in the club. These are: Cotton Candy Blue, Turquoise Green, Amethyst, Lavender, Emerald, Dark Blue (Moderators). Anyone who is not in one of these role colors will be kicked out from the club. Note: Although Customer's Teal color is also really cool, that's the default role and not a special role, so they cannot join either.
  1. What's new in this club
  2. Update: The new Lavender role color is also allowed in the cool color club!
  3. Moderators are the backbone of the world, the glue that holds our fragile society together. Without us humans are mere animals, bound to the untempered laws of chaos. I expect to be treated as a true officer of the law. This is a real job
  4. Formally the Cotton Candy Blue club, this is now a club for all of the coolest color roles on SBC! Here are all the roles that are now allowed in the club: Cotton Candy Blue Green Turquoise Amethyst Lavender Emerald Dark Blue (Moderator) If you are not one of these colors and think your color should be included in the club, contact me on here or on discord to say why your color should be included in the club. If you can convince me to add it to the club, it will be added to the list of allowed color roles! Also, due to OBAB being the only other member on here previously (besides SpongeBob and Patrick, who has been kicked due to not qualifying for the club), he has been promoted to moderator! What will this club be used for? Well.....probably very little, if anything, but who knows! Maybe it will be used for something! Feel free to make any sort of topic you want in here, assuming you are one of the cool colors.

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