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User Info
Registration Date May 9, 2015
Status Inactive
Group Loyal Customers

More (short for More_SpongeBob_Sandy and formerly OneFlutterAway) is an SBC member who joined April 20, 2014. Since joining, More has been pretty active and invested in the community. More was made the Employee Of The Month for June 2014. However, she was banned from the site in October 2014 due to her badmouthing it and bragging about how she thinks SpongeBuddy Mania is better. She was making very rude comments about members and staff, and was permanently banned since she had no reason to join a site she hated.

She, however, rejoined on May 9, 2015 as OneFluttershyAway, which lead to much controversy. Since then she has changed her ways and has continued to be active in the community, and could be found fairly frequently in the SpongeBob and Downtown Bikini Bottom subforums, as well as SpongeCraft.

As of August 2018, she has left for college and is inactive. (Also, she stopped watching SpongeBob after Ink Lemonade)

She won the first game in the revival of SpongeBob Wheel of Fortune.

In 2016, she decided to host the 2016 Edition of SBC's Top 50 Best Episodes Ever!

She became King Neptune for a Day on June 10, 2016.