Fisherman Coat (2015)

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This page is for the 2015 iFish item. You may be looking for the 2018 version.

Fisherman Coat (2015)
The item's image, created by Patty Sponge.
Item Info
Date Added October 16, 2015
Available? No
Type Body Item
Cost None
Category iFish Store

Fisherman Coat (2015) is an exclusive body item for iFish. It was first given to TheOpenWindowManiac for winning Hooky at Octerror Fest 2015. It was also given to Cream for winning Hooky 2 at Octerror Fest 2016 and to Hayden for winning Hooky 3 at Octerror Fest 2017. It goes along with the Fisherman Hat.


  • The item is based on the costume worn by the Fisherman and Squidward in Don't Look Now.
  • Along with the Fisherman Hat, this is one of the rarest and most difficult items to obtain in SBC history.